Consignment Agreement

As of the date of the signing of this contract, an agreement has been made between

                                                                          , the "Seller", and                                                                                   

name of shop/owner

individual/business bringing in product

also known as the "Consignee".  Both parties agree to the following:

The Seller agrees to display the agreed upon item(s) in a prominent area of his/her place of business.

The Seller is entitled to retain                          % of the purchase price of each sale.

The Seller shall submit a check for the full amount of the purchase price, less the agreed upon                        

to the consignee within                                days of receipt of sale.

The Seller agrees to obtain the price set by the consignee per each item sold, and will take no less than the
purchase price for the consigned merchandise unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, by both parties.

The Seller has proven to the Consignee that he/she maintains insurance for any theft or damage that may occur,
and agrees that while the consigned merchandise is in his/her possession, it will be covered by said insurance.

The Consignee agrees to leave merchandise with the Seller for a minimum of                    days.

The Consignee agrees to present only high quality product to the Seller, and agrees to replace any item that has
been flawed or damaged by the Consignee during the manufacturing process.

All remaining unsold merchandise at the end of the consignment period shall be evaluated by both the Seller and 
Consignee.  If a decision is made by the Consignee to remove the said merchandise, the Consignee is 
responsible for any delivery costs incurred for doing so. All marketing merchandise including brochures,
pamphlets, displays, and so forth will also be removed at the time the said merchandise is removed, unless
otherwise agreed upon by the Seller and Consignee.

I,                                                                                       do hereby agree to the terms set forth in this agreement.
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I,                                                                                       do hereby agree to the terms set forth in this agreement.
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