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Financing Options for Starting a Candle Business


You have started, will be starting, or are planning to start your own business and want to know what financing options are available to you. Many times that depends upon your own personal financial status and credit score. Since every personís status is unique, I have created this page to inform you of the different credit and financial options available to you.

We offer information on all types of financing information; including credit cards for business use, as well as resources for loans, credit reports, credit repair, and grant information. Although you may not find every available option, we have tried to offer as many financial options and resources as possible, to assist with whatever your financial needs may be.

Even if you donít have the best credit, you will easily find options available here to help you get on the road to building your credit back up. You will find a credit card or loan that works with your own personal situation. 

  Credit Card Resources Credit Card Resources
  • Apply for Business Credit Cards
  • Card Offers for Great Credit
  • Card Offers for Not So Great Credit
  • 25 Cards to Choose From

Credit Card Resources   

  Government Grant Resources

Government Grant Resources

  • Financial Assistance by State
  • State Agencies
  • SBA Information

Grant Information  

  Other Financial Resources

Other Financial Resources

  • Debt Consolidation
  • Credit Repair
  • Business Loans

Financial Resources  

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