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Available Fragrances
For Seasonal Candle Scents 





This page was created to give you a compiled list of holiday and seasonal fragrances on the market today - A place for you to make "One Stop" to view what is available from top suppliers when choosing scents for your candles. Keep in mind that as new scents are being created and offered daily, this will be an ongoing list; so check back often, as more fragrances will be added as the seasons and holidays change.

Click here for a printable version of candle making scents


Seasonal Fragrances

Spring Summer



Apple Blossom Aloe Vera Apple Cider Apple Cobbler delight
Baby's Breath Azalea Apple Barrel Cider Alpine Fresh
Blooming Honeysuckle Ban. Coconut Cream Pie Autumn Fields Balsam Fir
Clean & Fresh Banana Pudding Apple Orchard Bay Rum
Clean Fresh Herbals Bamboo & Green Tea Autumn Harvest Candle Shop
Chamomile Tea Blackberry Allspice Chocolate Mint
Clothesline Fresh Blackberry Tea Apple Cinnamon Chai Spice Black Tea
English Ivy Blueberry Pie Apple Orchard Cinnamon Berry
Iris Cactus Flower Apples n Berries Cinnamon Spice
Lavender Cantaloupe Apples n Oak Citrus Spice
Orange Blossom Caribbean Fruit Autumn Afternoon Country Berry Hotcakes
Peach Blossom Citronella Brown Sugar n Spice Creme Brule
Spring Rain Citrus Campfire Smoke Curry
Sweet Pea Coco Mango Caramel Apple First Snow
Tulip Coconut Cedar Wood Forest Pine
coconut Milk Carmel Corn Hot Cocoa
Cucumber Lime Creme de Cocoa Mulberry
Coconut Lime Verbena Chocolate & Cinnamon Mulberry Spice
Cucumber Cinnamon Cider Peppermint
Cucumber Melon Cinnamon Toast Pine 
Cucumber Salad Country Cider Pine Needle
Daisy Cinnamon Pine Plantation
Dandelion Country Spice Pomegranate
Fresh Cut Grass Fall Harvest Red Currant
Fruit Salad Fireplace Snickerdoodle
Fresh Peach Harvest Spice Spiced Orange
Garden Mint Hazelnut Coffee Spiced Pear
Lemonade Indian Summer Strudel & Spice
Peaches n Cream Log Cabin Sugar Cookie
Pina Colada Macintosh Apple
Strawberry Margarita Maple Pecan
Rain Maple Syrup
Rootbeer Float Mulled Wine
Sassafras Tea New Mown Hay
Sunflower Pumpkin Pie
Summer Rain S'mores
Vanilla Spiced Cider
Watermelon Vermont Maple Syrup
Honeydew Melon Woodland Trail
Wild Flowers
Green Tea Peppermint
Iced Hazelnut Latte
Strawberry Pie
Valentines Day Easter Thanksgiving Christmas
Romance Jelly Bean Apple Spice Cake Almond Cookie
Cabernet Toasted Marshmallow Apple Pie Angel Wings
Cinnamon Bubble Gum Carmel Corn Angel's Trumpet
French Vanilla Chocolate Banana Nut Bread Bayberry
Love Spell Black Jelly Bean Cinnamon Stix Bayberry Spice
Rose Petals Licorice Clove Candy Cane
Ambrosia Chocolate Raspberry Cranberry Christmas Cheer
Rose Mint Chocolate Cranberry Ice Christmas Cookie
Chardonnay Apple Blossom Fresh Baked Bread Christmas Essence
Merlot Bergamot Blossom Grandma's Kitchen Christmas Eve
Wine & Roses Fruit Cocktail Hot Apple Pie Christmas Morning
Chocolate Amaretto White Chocolate Pie Crust Christmas Splendor
Chocolate Kisses Pumpkin Spice Christmas Wish
Sweet Kisses (Vanilla/Cherry)


Red Hot Cinnamon Christmas Wreath
Carnation Spiced Cranberry Christmas Time
English Toffee Anise Spiced Marmalade Chrysanthemum
Cherry Cola Candy Corn Toasted Marshmallow Christmas Memories
Hot Lips (Red Hot Cinnamon/Vanilla) Licorice Vanilla Hazelnut Cozy Christmas
Lick Me All Over Voodoo Love Vanilla Pudding Christmas Holiday
Butt Naked Witches Brew Vanilla Sugar Country Christmas
Sex on the Beach Carved Pumpkin Cinnamon Christmas
Red Hot Cinnamon Deck the Halls
Popcorn Ball Evergreen
Frankincense & Myrrh
Gingerbread Cookie
Happy Holidays
Home for the Holidays
Oh Christmas Tree
Old Fashioned Christmas
Plum Pudding
Roasted Chestnuts
Sparkling Snowflakes
Spiced Gum Drops
Spiced Plum
Sugar Plum
Victorian Christmas
Victorian Vanilla
Winter Holiday
*Candlemaking Only
Verify skin safe before adding to B & B products
Party Themed Scents Aromatherapy & Blends
Birthday Cake Peppermint Bergamot
Bay Rum Eucalyptus Peppermint
Strawberry Margarita Lime
Birds of Paradise Anise-Orange-Clove-Cinnamon
Bubble Gum Lavender
Caribbean Fruit Lemongrass
Champagne Grapefruit
Chardonnay Lemon-Grapefruit
Cola Chamomile-Lavender
Cotton Candy Cinnamon Clove
Fried Ice Cream Rosemary Peppermint
Hawaiian Lei
Pina Colada
Rum Spice
Blackberry Brandy
Fuzzy Navel
Flower Shoppe
Apple Martini

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