Sales Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Business people are among some of the most confident folks in the world. Not only do most business leaders have egos that can be seen from space, they often surround themselves with like minded individuals who refuse to refute anything that comes from their superiors. This, of course, leads to sales mistakes that qualify as epic in scale. While it is always important to take chances where others fear, it is also recommended that you get a second opinion on your choice from someone who isn't afraid of you. Let's take a look at a few common sales mistakes. Misjudging your audience Often times, when your company offers a product or service that is so good, you tend to forget that without the proper marketing technique, even the best product is doomed to fail. For instance, during the 1980's Coca Cola's market share was slipping significantly against competitor Pepsi. Coke believed that the solution to their problem was to reformulate their product to more closely resemble Pepsi. In doing so, they alienated most of the American population, and "New Coke" has gone down in history as one of the worst marketing decisions ever. What most Americans don't realize is that "New Coke" was a huge hit around the world and is still sold all throughout Europe. The Coke company completely misjudged their audience at home, but they hit a home run abroad. Make sure you understand what your customer base really wants before you radically change your product or offer a new service. Otherwise, you may be left wondering what went wrong. Learn how to niche market One of the biggest challenges in today's business world is cracking through the force field that many people have when it comes to advertising. We see so many ads every day in newspapers, magazines, television, outdoor advertising and online that most of them simply bounce off our cerebral cortex and fail to make any impression at all. While the initial investment is likely to be staggering in cost, coming up with several niche sales campaign instead of one blanket campaign is one sure way to break through that force field. If you can market your product or service to several niche areas instead of simply tossing a billboard ad out there, you are significantly increasing your chances of having the demographic you want not just see your ad but understand it and have it motivate them to action. Any other sales strategy is simply screaming at windmills. The Internet isn't just for kids, anymore At the dawn of this century, the Internet was still mostly the playground of the young and the middle class and occasionally a middle aged Christmas shopper. Today, grandmothers and inner city school kids use the Internet on a daily basis. If you have been reluctant to jump on the Internet bandwagon with your product or service, now is the time. You'll reach a larger audience than you ever thought possible, and that audience is growing each and every day.

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