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Placing ads in more newspapers and multiplying your success it's important that you keep your focus. What I mean by this is that you need to make sure that you don't slack off and stop monitoring your results. This is a vital point when it comes to spreading your advertising reach to more newspapers at more cost because with all the of buzz going on around you with all of the new ads, it's easy to neglect your analyzing of your results. This can and has resulted in disaster for many people who have gotten lazy. If you fail to keep track of your response rates you can lose your success as quick as you gained it. Doesn't it make sense that you invest the time checking on your results now that you have enough success to start spreading your advertising everywhere? This is the deciding factor between success and failure. The person who continually monitors everything they are doing and keeps close track of every advertising dollar is the person who sees their business explode. Make sure you understand this because if you keep tabs on what's going on in your advertising efforts your business will grow at astronomical rates. Think about it, your going from just a few papers to dozens and eventually hundreds which will multiply your income by dozens or hundreds of times! Here's a quick and efficient system for taking your advertising across more newspapers and being safe and precise while doing it: 1) Determine how much profit you have available to place advertising in addition to your already running and successful ads. This means you use the profit calculations you learned in a previous section and determine your profit. You then place as many ads as your profit permits you to place. 2) Make sure that you follow the advise to setup a separate domain for each ad, a separate tracking link for each ad and a separate mailing list for each ad. 3) Closely monitor and analyze the results of the ads that you've placed while making sure to give the ad 14 days after it stops running before you calculate and final profit calculations. Make sure to keep close tabs on your current successful ads to make sure that they are still pulling a profitable response. 4) After the two weeks have passed, use the "Analyzing Results & Determining Profitability" section to help you determine all of your results and profit calculations. 5) Start back at step 1. This is the simple cycle you can use to take your advertising reach all over the nation across hundreds of newspapers without spending any money out of your own bank account and while making sure that you get every last penny you can out of each ad. This system is simple but important because if you get lazy and stop tracking, testing or analyzing profits, you could lose your shirt. The great thing about this system is that after you get used to testing, tracking and keeping track of all of your advertising campaigns it will start to come as second nature.

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