Falling In Love With Yourself

FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF – Free book offer by Pascoe Sawyers, author of MePLC: My Life Is My Business You send Valentine’s Day cards to family and friends to let them know just how important they are to you, and how much you love them. But have you ever said those things to yourself? Nurturing, caring, encouraging, supportive, kind, complimentary - we’re all these things with people we love. We’re focused on helping them achieve their dreams and goals, and quick to reassure them when things go wrong that it’s not all their fault. Now imagine what it might feel like to put the same effort into yourself. Forgiving instead of blaming yourself. Eliminating self-doubt. Loving yourself. If this idea makes you uncomfortable - if ‘self-love’ equals ‘selfish’ to you - then you’ve probably been raised as most of us were, to think that putting yourself first is always the wrong thing to do. But here are ten simple reasons why self-love can be the greatest love of all . . . 1. The foundation of healthy relationships with others has to be built on the rock of a healthy Me. If you’re not happy and living in accordance with your own values, you won’t be able to support others to be healthy or happy either. 2. At the end of the day, you are all you have - mind, body, and spirit. You are unique. Cherish that uniqueness. 3. Enhancing your capacity for self-love minimises your susceptibility for self-doubt. “Self-esteem isn’t everything; it’s just that there’s nothing without it” – Gloria Steinem 4. Loving yourself, just like being loved by others, increases your emotional and mental well-being. 5. Self-love leads to self-confidence. A strong sense of self helps you avoid being manipulated into thinking you’re not enough just as you are, and that you won’t be successful until you buy that new car / mobile / perfume / toothpaste. 6. Putting yourself first isn’t bad. Ever flown in an airplane? There’s a reason why you’re told to put on your own life vest and oxygen mask “in the event of . . .” Once you’re safe and stable, you’re in a better position to help others. “To love oneself is to begin a lifelong romance” – Oscar Wilde 7. As Bob Marley says, “You running and you running, but you can’t run away from yourself.” Embrace yourself instead! 8. Loving yourself is the best way to learn how to love others. 9. If you’re not prepared to love yourself, how can you be prepared to accept love from other people? 10. Honestly, now - do you really like the alternative to loving yourself? To find out more about the life-changing benefits of falling in love with yourself, why not download a FREE copy of my new book MePLC: Your Life Is Your Business from: http://www.meplc.co.uk. Pascoe Sawyers

About the Author

Pascoe Sawyers is Director of the IDeA’s (Improvement and Development Agency) Leadership Academy, where he is responsible for overseeing the design and delivery of a range of leadership development training programmes for councillors and local government managers in England and Wales. He is an accomplished writer and journalist. He published and edited The Alarm – a black current affairs and arts journal for five years from 1993, and has worked as a freelance journalist for various mainstream publications including The Guardian, Observer, London Evening Standard and The Big Issue. His latest book, MePLC: Your Life Is Your Business was published in November 2007. For more information visit http://mylifeismybusiness.co.uk