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Online Tutorials Build Computer Skills - FREE

by Jim Edwards

Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved


It's a problem as old as computers...

Trying to read, understand, and use a software manual to
quickly learn how to operate a new software program rates
one of the most frustrating experiences you can face.

If you browse the computer section of the local book store, or even look at a Video Professor disk on TV
to try accelerating your learning curve, you'll soon find
that a book (usually thicker than the original manual!)
costs at least $29-59 and a simple tutorial on CD-Rom costs
a minimum of $59 plus shipping and handling.

Learning how to operate you computer and basic software can
be very frustrating, not to mention expensive!

But what most people don't realize is that basic computer,
software, and other training is readily available online,
some of it as good or better than those introductory
courses that cost you a chunk of money.

Would you like to learn how to set up a web page?

Do you want to learn how to use your word processor for
accomplishing more than just typing simple letters?

How about learning to buy and sell like a pro at online
auction sites like eBay?

** Find Tutorials **

Log on to and browse through hundreds
of tutorials!

Want to learn how to use Microsoft FrontPage?

Do a quick search for "FrontPage" and up pops a number of
free tutorials to teach you everything from creating basic
hyperlinks to working with javascript.

Though not all the tutorials are free, many of the
tutorials listed come free of charge since the sites
hosting the classes contain the usual advertising most of
us have come to expect online.

After plowing through the site, you'll find some categories
contain more available classes than others, but this site
rates a serious look and a bookmark so you can check back
on a regular basis.

Investigate here first before spending money on training,
especially for introductory software help and general
computer instruction.

** Learn To Use eBay **

If you want to learn how to use eBay, instead of spending
money on a book or online course, why not go straight to
the source?

Log on to for the best
free education available when it comes to learning how
to buy and sell on eBay.

Let's face it: the more successful you are as a buyer or
seller, the more money eBay makes!

It makes sense that they should provide a very detailed and
helpful overview, as well as an extensive help section.

If you want a free "basic training" on eBay, start with
eBay's site, then move on to third party information
products if you want to expand your education.

** Microsoft Office Training **

Most people really have no clue how to use most of the
features that come built into Microsoft Word, let alone the
rest of Office.

You can do some really impressive stuff with Office, if you
know what it can do.

Log on to for an extensive collection
of articles to help you learn how to operate various
Microsoft Office programs more efficiently, including:
Windows, Word, Outlook, Excel, and FrontPage.

Some articles might need updating periodically, but most of
them make an excellent starting point when exploring new

** More Sites **

The following sites also offer free online training,
however, understand that many of them use the
introductory courses as a lead-in to get you to purchase
additional books, classes, or other advanced instruction.
Land-Grant Training Alliance - teaches you how to use
various software packages online and even has an
interesting tutorial on how to use the Internet as a
teaching tool to help others.
Offers a variety of introductory training courses for
software packages dealing primarily with website
creation, installing scripts and making your website do
cool things!
Offers a variety of courses on everything from computer
training and software packages to even dealing with some
hardware issues and how to purchase the right digital

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