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Not For Meat Eaters: Manual to Vegetarian Ideology

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by: Patty Stevens
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When someone says they are Vegetarians, we automatically think that they do not eat meat. While this is basically true, this is just a basic definition. Some eat fish but not meat, others eat eggs but not fish and this list is endless. There are many different kinds and levels of vegetarianism, and in this article, you will be able to read up on some of the more popular nutrion-diets and beliefs.

A) Vegans:
They do not consume any product that was derived from animals including, of course, any kind of meat, fish, dairy products, eggs as well as honey and foods that contain gelatin. Some vegans would not touch cane sugar, beer and wine since animal products involve in the finishing process: cane sugar is filtered with bone char and some beer and wines are clarified with egg white. As part of the vegan ideology, vegans would not consume products made of leather, furs, pearls, etc.

ii) Macrobiotics:
This diet started and spread out from the far east and Japan to be exact. According to this set of beliefs, there are particular rules and food items allowed. Since it is based on creating a balance between the two Japanese ideals: yang and yin, ingredients include different kinds if vegetables, fruits, whole grain, seeds and some soya and nut derivates. Fish is permissible.

C) Lacto-Ovos:
Based on the Latin word for milk and eggs, these vegetarians follow a simple rule. No meat, no fish, no poultry no sea-food but any and all kinds of egg and milk derivates are allowed.

The lacto ovo vegetarian category is divided into two categories:
i) An Ovo Vegetarian does not eat meat and dairy products but does eat eggs.
ii) A Lacto Vegetarian does not eat meat and eggs but does eat dairy foods.

D) Raw Vegans:
Also called raw foodists limit themselves to unprocessed food that has not been heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit or 46 degrees Celsius. Therefore, their diet mainly consists of raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. However, some of the raw foodists do consist raw food that was derived from animals in their diet including raw eggs, unheated dairy products and sushi.

E) Pescetarians:
The pescatarian or pescetarian (depending on how you spell it) are those who refrain from consuming meat but will take in shellfish, sea food and fish. This group of vegetarians are less formed from those who have become vegetarians because of ideology and more from those who are forced to follow such a diet due to health problems. Others also rationalize that the killing of fish is much less crueler than the killing of animals or that fish are not as intelligent as animals grown on a farm.

Dedicated vegetarians would put the pescatarian under the category of semi vegetarians. In the same category you can find the pollo vegetarians who will include poultry in their diet, the flexitarianism who will avoid eating meat that derived from an animal that was brought up and died in cruel conditions. The flexitarianism are similar to the freeganism that would not mind eating any type of meat unless any part of its process involved environmental damage or human or animals exploitation.

About the Author

Since visiting a slaughter house, Patty Stevens turned vegetarian six years back. Other than examining online casinos and sometimes playing backgammon Patty helps increase the awareness and advantages of a vegetarian diet.

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