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Forget New Year's Resolutions...Create New HABITS in 2008 to Have the Life You Want

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by: Marriah Pundstone
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We are at that time of year again. The New Year, where we make our resolutions for what we want to see accomplished in the next year. You know what they are, “I am going to loose ten pounds,” “I am going to stop smoking,” “I am going to make more money,” and the list goes on. While I do not have an exact statistic for how many of our yearly resolutions are not followed through on I figure it is safe to say that more than half of them never are fulfilled.

I may even go as far as to say that each year, most of us have the same resolutions we had the year before but this time we say, “This will be the year it will happen.” Well, why don’t you make this the year that it does happen? Instead of repeating the same thing over and over again while expecting the outcome to be different, by the way did you know that is the definition of insanity, so something different.

Most people fail to achieve their resolutions for one major reason, they are so focused on the end result that they never spend the time to figure out why they do not already have those things… or how they are going to get them. To achieve your goals, your resolutions, what you need to be do is create new habits. See if what you want is to keep getting what you’re getting, then keep doing what you’re doing.

So how do you create a habit? Well, I have two amazingly simple yet powerful recommendations. The use of affirmations and visualizations, it is really that simple. On a piece of paper write down in a positive manner what it is you want to change. Once you have this written down, you need to repeat this affirmation ten, twenty a hundred times a day every day. Whether you say it out loud or silently is up to you.

Ok, now that you have your affirmation and you are repeating it often each day, you now need to visualize yourself dong this habit. Make sure that your visualization is very vivid and employs all five senses. Your visualization only needs to take 15 minutes and it will completely change your life. Following those two simple steps will help you break the bad habits that you have and help you stick to your new year’s resolution. Using these two steps together can be incredibly powerful.

Consistency is the key to creating a habit. You should know that in order for something to become a habit it has to be something that guides your actions. It isn’t something that you have to think about doing. Your habits are domain of the subconscious mind. Therefore in order to create a new habit you must first understand why you have your old habit. It is time to stop living life subconsciously, do not be a product of your unhealthy habit.

This is the year that you will create new habits and have the life that you want.

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Were you happy with 2007? If not, create new habits in 2008 and make it the best year of your life.

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