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Motivation Articles

1: Motivational & Inspirational Quotes: Why We Love Them
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". These words from George Santayana go a long way toward explaining the popularity of motivational quotes. Why do we like motiv

2: Forget New Year's Resolutions...Create New HABITS in 2008 to Have the Life You Want
We are at that time of year again. The New Year, where we make our resolutions for what we want to see accomplished in the next year. You know what they are, I am going to loose ten pounds, I am go

3: Supraconscious Mind "Use It To Move Forward With Your Life!"
Does your MIND control you or do YOU control it?

4: Not For Meat Eaters: Manual to Vegetarian Ideology
When someone says they are Vegetarians, we automatically think that they do not eat meat. While this is basically true, this is just a basic definition. Some eat fish but not meat, others eat eggs but

5: Report on Vegetarians: Different Systems for Different People
Usually, when you think of vegetarians, you think of people who avoid eating any type of animal flesh including beef, pork, lamb, poultry, fish, etc. There are several types and variations to vegetari

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