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11: Be More Available to Your Customers
Many organizations schedule their hours to make life pleasant for employees. That can be costly if those hours make life unpleasant for customers. This article explains how to think about the hours you operate.

12: Consider All Your Costs Before Adding New Products and Services
Sometimes you are better off not adding an offering because your costs go up faster than your profit contribution. This article shows how to avoid that problem and add highly profitable new offerings for your customers.

13: Get Ready to Expand Your Number of Customers by 21 Times
Most people aim at adding 2-3 percent more customers a year. Why not gain 2100 percent more? This article explains how.

14: Do Twice the Work and Enjoy 20 Times the Results
Breakthroughs are wonderful, but breakthroughs that multiply their benefits can improve profits by 400 times. This article explains how to achieve that wonderful result.

15: Don't Become Obsolete -- Do That to the Competition
This article explains how you can install a management process to avoid obsolescence while threatening your competitors with becoming irrelevant to customers.

16: Practice Reducing Your Work Week by 38 Hours
Parkinson's Law says that the time to do an activity will expand to fill the time available. That makes for a long work week if a person is willing to work long hours. This article looks at how you can do the opposite -- commit fewer hours and get the same amount done. It's a lifesaver for those who want to have a life outside of work.

17: Stop Daydreaming about Having More and Grasp a Hen That Lays Golden Eggs
Most people would like to have more . . . and know just what they would spend more money on. They would do better to find a way instead to create more with limited effort.

18: Check Your Plan Before You Act
Many business people have the habit of repeating what they've done before. Such a habit becomes harmful when the plan for creating results is the wrong one. This article looks at using measurements to focus on improvements instead.

19: Act Like Your Life Depends on Action, and You'll Beat the Competition
In many business situations, taking action is better than identifying the ideal action. Figure out where immediate action is needed and take that action to gain a competitive advantage.

20: Be Attracted to What Repels You to Make a Strategic Breakthrough
Most of us avoid what smells bad, looks unattractive, and sounds awful. Because of that, untapped opportunities lurk where no one wants to go.

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