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No One is Born a Leader

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by: comlev
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There is a saying that goes, leaders are not born, these are made. This line is very true as it was in the olden times and is still applicable today. Before a King turns over the throne to the prince, the young man is trained in various subjects. These include subjects such as combat, history and mathematics. This is a continuous process that happens as duties are given until the time comes that the King either passes away or transfers the power to the young son.

In present times especially at work, a fresh graduate from college is never given a management position. This person has to start in the bottom and work the way up. This could mean starting out as a clerk or a management trainee then after showing good performance is promoted to a higher level. In some cases, an employee doesnít wait for that to happen and instead seeks a better position in another company armed with the experience of the former company.

The situation is different to people who own a business. The children are quickly put in a management position straight out of college with no experience whatsoever and try to do things that are perceived as right. This way of thinking is not always fruitful for the business which is why some family own businesses want the children to work outside first for a couple of years to discover the outside world then decide whether to work for the family or go a separate path.

Before one can become a leader, that person must first know how to follow. Companies have different protocols and how one does it is no guarantee that the other will do the same. There is no perfect company but as long as the person knows what to do as long as it is right, the individual will learn and become a good leader one day.

In politics, no one has ever won being a president which is the highest position in the land by just filing for candidacy. It takes years of hard work being a public servant. The person has to show the accomplishments that have been achieved to be recognized in that position for others to encourage the individual to do more and move up to being a mayor, perhaps a senator and eventually being the president.

Becoming a leader takes time and it all starts out by how a person thinks. This is nurtured from childhood in the forms of ideas and beliefs that one has learned through experience and has been taught by parents, peers and society.

Everyone has the potential of succeeding in life but if the person does not put that much effort or does not believe in accomplishing a certain goal, nothing will happen. This is what separates a leader from a follower.

A leader has a vision. This person possesses the winning attitude to succeed despite the odds. This same attitude has worked well with entrepreneurs who came up with an idea one day and turned it into a reality.

Being a leader is not just giving instructions on how to do things. It is a position that carries responsibility and the best way to show to people one deserves to be in that job is leading through example. If people see that this person works hard, other will follow and do the same. The same effect will happen if one is doing a poor job as a leader.

A person must ask oneself certain questions if one has what it takes to succeed.

1. Is the person willing to devote time and effort to excel in each endeavor even if one has achieved certain feats in life?

2. Is the person willing to accept change and be open-minded to new ideas?

If the individual wants to pursue this especially in the corporate world, one can attend seminars and trainings given by consultancy firms. One can pursue higher education to learn more from the experiences of others. The person can work hard at the job given and join management events scheduled by the company which will all help make one a better employee and a good leader.

There is no secret formula to becoming a leader. One just has to take the opportunity when it comes and rise to the challenge.

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