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Leadership Articles

1: How To Develop Leadership Skills
You must agree to the fact that leadership skills play a great role in heightening the possibility of your getting a high profile job. If you have leadership qualities, things are much easier for you when you are facing an interview or participation in a group discussion as a part of the interview or selection test.

2: Leadership Values and Loyalty
No matter it is religion, sports, or politics, a leader has an inseparable role in any arena. Hence, it is not an exception in the case of a business environment. A leader plays an inevitable role in the success of a business. A leader is simply a person who would help others in a working environment to enhance the work of other employees in an organization.

3: No One is Born a Leader
There is a saying that goes, leaders are not born, they are made. This line is very true as it was in the olden times and is still applicable today. Before a King turns over the throne to the prince, the young man is trained in various subjects.

4: How to Lead People
The world today is running at such a fast-pace that those who cannot cope will surely be left behind. And the best way for people to cope is to strive to possess this most important ability that is to lead. Leadership, in common usage, generally refers to the capacity to lead others or simply put, the activity of leading. But in truth, many people who are in leadership positions struggle with understanding what it is really that makes a great leader. Several studies suggest that there are certain qualities that people tend to associate with leadership. These qualities define the leaders among us. Broadly, there are five key attributes and these are focus, authenticity, courage, empathy, and timing. And these five key characteristics of a leader apply across all settings. An effective leader keeps focused on the results he wish to achieve. He provides this "outcome focus" by always accentuating the mission, vision, values and goals of the group. He also builds the group's capacity to reach these strategic goals by emphasizing the need to be flexible, resourceful and innovative.

5: Banish that Helpless Feeling When Trends Turn Negative
Helplessness is a state of mind, fueled by emotion. You can take practical steps to banish that feeling and move toward valuable solutions.

6: When the Situation Looks Hopeless, Doubt Your Lack of Choice
There's always an ethical way out to any irresistible trend problem for a business. Don't let a feeling of helplessness keep you from looking for it.

7: Get More Value from Your Values . . . By Walking Good Talk
It's one thing to proclaim your values. It's far more valuable to follow those values.

8: Have the Right Organizational Goals in Mind to Be More Successful
Many leaders and managers make mistakes by seeking the wrong benefits. That error can undermine any improvement an organization might pursue.

9: Challenge Your Organization to Do More After You've Simplified As Much As You Think You Can
People quickly run out of simplification ideas in looking for cost reductions. But when they return to the task afresh, they find many more opportunities.

10: Share Your Growth Vision by Telling Your Story Better
Ask most people in an organization what they are supposed to be doing, and you'll find some confused employees. Tell those same people a compelling story about the organization's purpose, and they'll know what to do. This article explains what to do in crafting your vision story.

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