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Perfection - Creating The Life You Want By Changing How You See The World

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by: David Anttony
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Imagine if you could wake up tomorrow morning and that imaginary dial inside your head that says that things you do not like as well as the things that you like are all suddenly perfect.

Imagine that when you wake up tomorrow your 'perfection dial' has been reset so that it no longer points to the right or the left but to the centre. The right of your dial of course representing your old world-view of perfection which you associated with happiness and what was right, and the left side imperfection, associated with unhappiness, sadness and what was wrong.

You can start imagining now when you wake up in your new tomorrow what your world would look like if you no longer judged things as right and wrong, good and bad, perfect and imperfect, just and unjust. You can imagine today that in your new tomorrow things just become what they are without judgement.

Your new tomorrow world will initially probably feel strange and maybe somewhat confusing because by removing the split in your focus you will move from separation to unity and from struggle to acceptance. Overnight everything would become perfect. When you wake up in your new tomorrow war is perfect, peace is perfect, life is perfect, death is perfect, Christianity is perfect, Hinduism is perfect, sex is perfect, no sex is perfect, anger is perfect, patience is perfect, intolerance is perfect, tolerance is perfect, dishonesty is perfect, honesty is perfect, murder is perfect, lack of murder is perfect, destroying the environment is perfect, saving the environment is perfect.

Can you see that initially your world may become a little confusing for a while as your brain and emotions re-adjust to a new way of being, doing and thinking.

The trick to living in your new world tomorrow would be that you would have to focus your mind, re-tune it if you like, to look for the perfection. You will need to choose to see life from a different perspective. Depending on the perspective you choose you will find the perfection. If you are not seeing perfection change your perspective. So if you see trees being destroyed and this makes you feel angry why not choose to see the world from outer space! From outer space all you can see is the beauty of the planet. Now if you feel that would be denying what is happening on our planet come back to earth with your focus, choose to be happy and accept what is and start planting trees, but do not feel angry about those chopping them down. Gandhi did not transform India by getting angry and fighting. He took the conviction of his heart and united the Indian nation by creating unity through the simple actions of weaving, walking and talking. What we fight persists and what we focus on exists.

Six months ago I woke up in my new tomorrow. The experiential gift that allowed me to open up a new doorway in my life, the doorway of singularity instead of duality, was when my wife Masami of seven years shared with me that she wanted to change or relationship. Masami wanted to share her sexuality and a large part of her life with another man and she no longer wished to share her sexuality with me.

My initial 'reaction' was sadness, loss and pain until I decided to 'look under the rock' of this experiential gift and see what blessing laid waiting for me. When I looked under the rock I saw an exciting world, a world where the love Masami and I share was as strong as ever; the caring and love for our children was unfaulted; our businesses were stronger and I had the opportunity to be more of me and stand in my own light. I could now experience what ever I felt without being bound by a monogamous marriage relationship. Wow I was in a new world!

Today I wake up in my new tomorrow each and every day. Some days I wake up in duality and I quickly refocus my sight on singularity before I enter the day. Sometimes during the day I 'forget' about my focus choice and when someone does something I find uncomfortable I may react with anger. However, within a few minutes I remind myself of my choice of focus and start looking for the gift in the experience. Almost all the time now the gift is easy to find because it is the same gift each and every time - to remember the singularity and the perfection.

The singularity is the only place where you can find peace and total joy because it is the only place true love exists. Masami Sato puts this concept into a most beautiful and simple form. She calls this the gift of acceptance trust and love. Her book titled, "JOY the gift of acceptance, trust and love" is a divine gift that reminds us of the simplicity and deep truth about life. Each and every day I choose to embody the depth of wisdom that shines out of this book and because of this choice my life is becoming a living body of magic.

When we let go of a dual focus we remove a huge stress from our lives and we regain a boundless energy and a deep sense of joy. We can suddenly start to flow our lives in the most magical of ways because we are no longer trying to move in a single direction while being pulled in another at the same time like trying to swim upriver and down river at the same time! Instead we can allow the natural flow of life to unravel the perfection in front of our very eyes.

Today I am writing from our new apartment in Bukit Batok located in West Singapore. Four days ago I was in Brisbane. Four weeks almost today when I woke up in the morning, I had a strange experience because I felt I was in Singapore. I shared this feeling with Masami saying maybe we should move to Singapore, she didn't agree. Two days later she said why not!

Over the last four weeks we have sold everything we own, let go of our home, opened up an Australian office on the Gold Coast for our new business Buy1Give1Free that is a magical business that has a bold promise of "A Simple Idea Sharing The Joy Of Giving - Every Second, Every Day in Every Way", moved to Singapore with a few bags, our two children and had nothing prearranged for accommodation or schooling.

Right now the sun is rising above the rock escarpment that rises out of a natural lake a hundred metres away. The morning sun is kissing the trees that fill up my whole view, and the warm blue of the large swimming pool below is calling me. My two children, Kai and Myra right now are eating corn flakes with their fingers out of cups because we have no bowls or spoons and yet we are so happy and feel SO blessed. This is magic wrapped in perfection.

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Copyright David Anttony 2008

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