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Why FAQ/Customer Service Pages Increase Sales

by Yuwanda Black

"Hmm, I wonder if they have a retail store?"

"How long have they been in business?" 

"Do they have a catalog?" 

This is basic information that should be covered on your website's FAQ/Customer Service page. I'm constantly amazed at the number of websites that don't have this type of customer-friendly information posted. 

Why FAQ/Customer Service Pages Are Important to Your Bottom Line 

In short, these pages allow you to make a personal connection with potential customers. Customers buy from those they know and trust; it's just human nature. As the Web can be such an impersonal medium, take the opportunity to invite them into your world. 

Further, most customers will NOT contact you for what you may consider unimportant information; they'll just move on to your competition. A fully informative FAQ/Customer Service section on your website illustrates that you have anticipated customer needs, hence you care about them. 

Beyond FAQ/Customer Service: What Pages Should A Website Contain? 

In my opinion, a professional web site should contain the following info. It can all go on your FAQ/Customer Service page, or be broken out into different pages. The important thing is that the information is readily available for those who want to know. 

1. About Us: This page should contain information such as how/when/where the business began; its founders; its clients; what it does. This is one of the first pages I visit, especially if I'm seriously considering making a purchase. 

2. Mission Statement: What are the values/goals your company strives to achieve/serve? Again, this is another chance to put human feelings, values and intent behind your company message. This may seem trite, but it's the combination of bits and pieces of information that lead to your overall company image. Make it positive - and complete. 

3. Products/Services: What are you selling/offering? If you offer multiple products and/or services, this should be a separate page. A shoe repair shop for example, may not need a separate page for this. However, if you sell complementary products shoe polish, laces, buffing cream, et cetera a separate page is a good idea. 

4. Customer Service: Location, company policies, departmental contact information, hours of operation all of this information can go here. This saves you time in that you don't have to constantly re-answer the same questions again and again. You can use your time better by servicing existing customers more fully. 

Call me nosy (I prefer curious), but I like to know a bit about companies I do business with. Hence, an FAQ/Customer Service Page is not an option; it is a necessity to your business's bottom line. 

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Yuwanda Black is an Author/Instructor/Speaker, and small business expert who advises others on how to achieve the dream of working for themselves. She has written and published numerous small business articles and press releases
in promotion of her ventures. Her current venture, is an online shopping portal and catalog distributor for ethnic goods and services.  It is a subsidiary of

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