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Removing the Wall of Skepticism That Stands Between You and Your Potential Customers

Do you sometimes feel that there is a huge wall between
you and your potential customers?

Isn't it frustrating to know that your product or service
offers excellent benefits to your target market, but they
don't seem to notice or even care? Even worse, they may
appear not to believe your claims.

Why can't they see that your product or service is the best
solution to their problem?

There definitely is a wall and until you break it down it
will remain an obstacle between you and the financial
rewards you want and deserve.

Today's issue will expose that wall to you and show you how
to remove it forever. Just imagine how you will feel when
your prospects and customers clearly see the value that
your product or service offers to them. Imagine what that
would do for your business.

The Wall of Skepticism

The wall I'm referring to is 'The Wall of Skepticism.'

The Wall of Skepticism is thick, wide and tall, and you
can see it everywhere.

There was a time many, many years ago when people
innocently trusted every word advertisers, marketers and
salespeople said. That was in the early days of

But that trust was quickly lost as many of those
professionals began to take advantage of that trust. They
began making promises they could never fulfill. They began
exaggerating, twisting and misstating the facts. It wasn't
long before consumers became cynical of all advertising

'Lose Weight Without Exercise or Dieting.'

'Amazing Magnetic Belt Cures All Ills.'

'We're the Best!'

'Make Millions in Seven Days with No Work.'

'Your Satisfaction is Our Only Concern.'

Today's consumer is much more educated and a lot less

Instead of believing all the advertising claims they read,
see and hear, they are suspicious and skeptical of most
selling claims they are exposed to.

In fact, they have developed a built-in defense to protect
themselves from the barrage of false promises. Instead of
considering the claims they are exposed to -- they simply
ignore them. The ads have become invisible.

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Your Advertising Has Become Invisible

Is it any wonder that your marketing gets so little
response when you understand that most people are ignoring
your advertising?

That's the problem. So what can you do about it?

The incredible thing about this giant wall of skepticism
is that it represents a huge opportunity for you and
your business.

This wall is not only a problem for you. It's also a
problem for your potential customers.

Every day they are searching for products and services that
will hopefully solve their problems. But who can they
turn to? They are desperately seeking someone they can

The Word 'Selling' Turns People Off

The word 'selling' is forever linked to this wall of

To 'sell' something to someone, often implies that you are
trying to persuade, trick or manipulate them into buying
your product or service so that you can make a profit,
whether it provides the best solution to their problem or

That's an us against them approach.

Isn't that the image you get when you think of a
salesperson sitting across the table from a prospect?
Who's going to win? Who's going to lose?

Stop Selling and Start Helping

This is why 'People Hate to Be Sold, But They Love to
Be Helped.'

To remove the wall of skepticism, you need to stop trying
to 'sell' things to people, and instead, change your
approach so that you dedicate yourself to 'helping' your
prospects and customers.

Once you do that, the wall will come tumbling down. You
will no longer have an obstacle between you and your
potential customers.

Here's an example:

When I used to provide consulting services, I had to set
up an appointment to meet with my prospects. If I had
described that meeting as a sales presentation, I would
have had a very difficult time setting up appointments.

Instead of positioning the meeting as an opportunity for me
to 'sell' them my services, I always offered to 'help'
my prospective clients by providing them with 30 minutes
of free marketing ideas that they could use to grow their

I also told them that I would provide them with information
about my services, but I emphasized that they would not be
obligated in any way to use my services. I also made it
clear that they would not experience any kind of pressure
tactics. The 30 minute marketing presentation was

I made it perfectly clear to them that my goal was to
educate them about the pitfalls of ineffective marketing
and how they could begin getting the maximum benefits
from proven effective marketing techniques.

I am a born teacher. I love sharing what I know about
marketing and business management with others. So it just
comes naturally to me to market my business with a helping
approach as opposed to a selling approach.

Now, just in case you mistakenly believe that I was doing
this for purely altruistic purposes, let me assure you,
I wasn't.

I understood the wall of skepticism, and I understood that
people are desperately searching for people they can

I knew from the start that I had something of tremendous
value to my prospective customers and that this approach
would get me many more clients with a lot less work than
any other approach. And it did.

With this 'helping' approach I was able to convert 60%
of my 'helping presentations' into paying clients with
very little effort.

I just showed them why their current tactics weren't
working, then showed them the psychology behind a strategy
that worked better than any others for small businesses.

I made it so logical, so easy to understand how and why the
strategy would benefit their businesses, that by the end of
the 30 minutes they were raring to sign up for my service
-- before I even asked them if they were interested.

It is actually a lot easier to attract interested prospects
and convert them into paying customers when you turn down
the 'selling' and turn up the 'helping.'

Right this very minute you are participating in this
strategy. We are 'helping' you learn more effective ways to
market your business with our Give to Get newsletter.

Every time we send out our newsletter our subscribers
are helped by the free ideas we share, but many of them
are raring to take the next step and acquire our
Give to Get Marketing course.

Our entire web site and newsletter are solidly based on
this 'helping' instead of 'selling' strategy. You could be
growing your business the same way.

In our next issue I'll share some more real life examples
of how you can remove the wall of skepticism that stands
between you and your potential customers.

In the meantime, if you want to start attracting customers
to your business with a strategy that shatters the wall
of skepticism and will clearly set your business head and
shoulders above your competition, check out the details of
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by Joe Gracia


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