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The Three Stages of the Buying Process

by Joe Gracia

Everyone goes through a specific three-stage sequence when it comes to buying products or services. 

They are looking for something different at each stage. If you are a smart marketer and give them exactly what they want at each stage, you will maximize your marketing response and leave your competitors in the dust. 

Stage 1: SEEK 

Seek Solutions and Providers 

At this stage prospects want to know what kind of solutions are available and who can provide these solutions. 

They ask friends and neighbors; they look at advertising materials; they go to stores; they send for information. 

If you offer free information about your product or service, or even better, offer free tips or a free report concerning solutions to their problem, you will attract prospects like a magnet. Once you have their name and address, you will now have the opportunity to follow-up with them on a repeated basis during their next stage. 

If you are one of the few providers to offer them helpful information, -- and you will be, since few small businesses do so -- then your company will be uppermost in their mind when it comes to selecting the best provider. 

Stage 2: SELECT 

Select Solutions and Providers 

After reviewing the information they’ve received, they are now ready to select the best solution and best provider. 

If you have given them useful information and kept in contact with them through mail and/or phone, you have an excellent chance that they will select your solution and your company. 

A prospect is afraid of making the wrong decision at this point. Anything you can do to help ease their concern will go a long way to getting the sale. 

Offering a free sample, a free trial, a free consultation or a special first-time buyer discount will help cinch the sale. 

Stage 3: CONFIRM 

Confirm Solutions and Providers 

Come through on your promises, make them feel important and keep in constant contact and you will help them confirm that they have made the right choice. The goal is to have them become loyal, repeat customers.


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