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How to Attract More Customers - With a Simple Secret

Today you're going to learn a secret that all successful
marketers know. This simple secret helps those who know and
apply it make a fortune. And it could do the same for you.

It's the key to irresistibly grabbing the attention of the
very people who want the solution that your product or
service delivers.

Once you know this secret, every marketing effort that you
invest in will grab your best prospects' attention and
compel them to contact you to learn more about the
solution your product or service offers.

Sound too good to be true? Then read this article all the
way through. Not only will you learn the secret, but you'll
also read some real world examples to help you apply this
secret to your business.

A Guaranteed Way to Repel People

Have you ever noticed when someone goes on and on about
themselves at a party -- how they did this, and how they
did that -- that many of the guests begin to roll their
eyes and edge away?

We call such a person 'a bore.' And 'bores' are avoided
like the plague.

I'm not talking about the average person who shares a bit
here and there about their lives in the course of a

In any conversation there is going to be give and take --
a little about you, a little about them. There is usually
a balance.

I'm talking about the person who hogs the spotlight and
talks incessantly about me, me, me! They never release the

It's obvious that a person like that isn't going to be
very successful in attracting people to him or her.

Why are people repelled by bores?

Because while most people may be mildly or politely
interested in other people's lives, problems, pains,
dreams, successes, etc. they are passionately interested in
their own lives, problems, pains, dreams and successes.

We Each Live in Our Own Little World

We all may live on the same planet, but we each live at
the center of our own little world.

We spend our days thinking, planning and doing things that
will, hopefully, make our personal world a little more
comfortable, a little more secure, and a lot more happy.

Most people work extremely hard each day trying to make
their worlds a little more satisfying and rewarding.

We would hope that others would notice our efforts and
actually show a little appreciation for what we have
accomplished and what we are trying to accomplish.

But, of course, that doesn't happen as often as we would
like. Most people aren't even aware of our struggles.

That's because most everyone else is focused on improving
their own worlds -- trying to make them more secure and
more satisfying -- and they simply don't have the time to
notice the little or major struggles or accomplishments of

Imagine this scene between Barb and Mary;

'Hi Mary! I'm so excited about this new dress I just
bought. It's the latest style and I think it makes me look
marvelous. Don't you think the cut and pattern make me look
positively thin? I just love me in this new dress. And,
Mary, you wouldn't believe how expensive it was.'

How do you think Mary would feel after hearing Barb go on
and on about her and her new dress. Do you think Barb is
doing a good job of grabbing and holding Mary's interest?

I hope you agree, she isn't.

Now imagine a completely different scene between Barb and

'Mary, is that a new dress?'

'Yes, it is, Barb.'

'It's just beautiful, and you look terrific in it. It
makes you look so incredibly thin. You always did have
excellent taste. I bet it cost a fortune.'

'Why, thank you, Barb.'

Now what do you think? Has Barb gotten Mary's attention?
How do you think Mary feels about Barb's comments?

Obviously, Mary feels happy about what she has just heard
from her friend, Barb. Barb has put the spotlight firmly
on her friend, Mary. She has captured and held Mary's

One dress; two people; a few comments.

But what a difference in the results between the two.

One repels. The other attracts.

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The Secret

Okay, here is the secret. Read it over a few times. Print
it out for future reference. It is powerful and can change
your perspective and your fortunes forever.


The secret is

If you want to attract and hold someone's attention, you
will never do it by talking about yourself -- your
problems, your pains, your dreams, your successes, etc.

You will do it 'easily' by talking about them -- their
problems, their pains, their dreams, their successes, etc.


It's true in relationships and it is even more true in
marketing and growing a business.

If you want to attract and hold the attention of your very
best prospects, then whatever you do don't create a
'boring' ad like the following:

Bob Smith Insurance

'I Want to Be Your Insurance Agent!'

Top Sales Agent for the Past 5 Years

Let Me Provide for All of Your Insurance Needs

Call 555-5555

The name is not real, but the ad is.

Can you see where the focus of this ad is? It's entirely
on Bob Smith.

Who cares that the name of his company is Bob Smith

The fact that he 'wants to be my insurance agent,' has
nothing to do with me. That's what 'he' wants. It's not
what I want.

Who cares, besides his mom, that he was the top sales
agent for the past 5 years? How does that make my life
more secure, happier?

He wants to provide all of my insurance needs because he
will get a higher commission. That is something that he
wants. It isn't something that concerns me or my wants.

This is a typical Me, Me, Me ad. And an ad like this
doesn't attract prospects, it repels them. Just like the
bore at the party.

In order to attract prospects and hold their attention,
you need to apply today's secret;

Talk about 'them' -- their problems, their pains, their
dreams, their successes, etc. In every marketing piece
you create, put the spotlight fully on your prospects.

Your goal should be for them to say, 'Wow, they're talking
about me!'

Of course, your other goal should be to get them to take
immediate action based on your marketing piece. But's
that's a subject for another newsletter.

Here are some examples of marketing pieces that do it


Are You Tired of Paying Too Much for Your
Auto Insurance?

Call Today to Receive Your Free Auto-Owners Info-Pak

Learn how you can save a bundle on your auto premiums.

Call 555-5555 for a Free Quotation


Of course, the actual ad would have to have a few more
elements to give it maximum power, but it will do to make
the point we're discussing.

Does this approach work? You bet it does.

First of all it does a great job of attracting just the
people it should -- people who are tired of paying too
much for their auto insurance.

About 15 years ago I felt I was paying too much for my auto
insurance. When I saw an ad just like the one above, I
responded in a heart beat. They came through. They were
substantially lower than the rate I had been paying for the
same coverage. I switched.

The key is to get inside your prospects' minds. You need
to determine what they are thinking to themselves when it
comes to the problem your product of service solves.

Let's say you have a dog that is very difficult to control.
It has gotten to the point that you are very frustrated.
If you can't find a solution, you may have to find another
home for your pet.

Now imagine seeing this ad:


Is Your Dog Difficult to Control?

Finally, There's a Solution!

In Just 21 Days Your Pet Will Be
Obeying Your Every Command - Guaranteed

Pet Training Center

Call 555-5555 for a Free Informational Booklet


Notice that there is nothing in this ad that focuses
on the company or the company owner. It's entirely about
the problems and wants of the prospects who have this

Again, there are a few more elements that would have to
be included in this ad to maximize it's effect, but I'm
sure you can see the difference a Prospect Focused ad

Make a list of the questions, concerns, hopes, dreams
etc. your prospects are asking themselves in relation to
the solution your product or service provides.

You will find your most powerful marketing messages in that

Apply today's simple secret to your marketing and your
fortunes will grow.

It's easy to grow your sales and finances when you apply
the simple, proven effective systems included in our
Give to Get Solution. There's no need to continue the
frustrating and disappointing search for the right answer
to growing your business. Don't put it off. Get all the
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by Joe Gracia


If you're ready to make a huge leap in your financial earnings, then do yourself a favor and learn how Joe's Give to Get Solution can help you attract all the new business you can handle. You'll learn all the secrets to attracting customers like a magnet.  More info ==> Click here now

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