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Things To Think About Before Redesigning Your Website

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by: whalehooks
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There are a ton of pros and cons to think about before redesigning your website. Not only are there pros and cons there are a whole list of things that need to be considered regarding how to redesign and what to include when redesigning your webpage.

There are a few questions you can ask yourself that will help with making this decision. You don't want to change a page that doesn't necessarily need it. Ask yourself this? Why am I really changing my page, is it because I really need to update the old program or am I changing it because that is what everyone else is doing and I want the attention it creates?

There are many flaws, annoyances, and imperfections that come along with changing your webpage. What you don't want is these things to be there for no reason. After every webpage design there are glitches that have to be worked out. This can be annoying to users if they don't feel the change was completely necessary.

Once you have determined your webpage needs to be updated you have to decide exactly how much you want to update. Do you want to just fix the few small problems or do you want to start all over and build from ground up, or are you somewhere in between?
Make a list of exactly what you want to be changed. Find out what things need to go and what things need to stay. After you do this you can see how much work you really have in store. There is a lot of time, money, and effort that has to go into redesigning a webpage. You don't want to put all of those resources into things that don't need to be changed. On the flip side if something does need to be changed and you do it correctly the reward can be tenfold.

Whether you are doing a minor upgrade or a complete over hall you have to think about your users. If they are coming back to your website they don't want to feel like they have never been there before. They want to know that you have made upgrades and improvements for their benefit but not so many that they are lost and confused.

All successful web pages are user friendly. If your webpage is hard to navigate through and people have trouble figuring it out then they won't come back and they won't recommend it to anyone else. Your page may look great but if it isn't user friendly it needs to be redone.

Before you can redesign your page you need to figure out what works and what doesn't. Obviously there are some things you really like and you know your users really like. You don't want to get rid of those aspects of your page. One way to figure out what does and doesn't work is by asking your users. They will be more than willing to let you know what they like and what they think you should change. The idea is to create a webpage that works for everyone so who better to get information and ideas from than everyone?

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