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How To Write A Good Sales Letter

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by: pptwhite
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If you are trying to capture the attention of consumers, then a good sales letter has the potential to produce an increase in profits, as well as capturing new leads. But how do you write a good sales letter? The basis to writing a good sales letter comes down to, grammar, punctuation, substance, value, integrity, and targeting. Sales letters without these components are not worth the paper they are printed on, even if it is paperless cyberspace.

We will lump grammar and punctuation together to save time and space for discussing the rest of the points to writing a good sales letter, but you would be surprised by the number of people who do not respect the importance of using the correct grammar without spelling mistakes, and the proper punctuation within their writing. Use your computer to write your sales letter as most word or document writing programs have a spell check feature. Invest in such a program for your computer if your document program does not have spell checking capability. Also check out a book at the library and relearn how and where in writing to use punctuation.

Substance is also very important when writing a good sales letter. Your letter needs to say something. A bad one uses lots of glossy words that really do not say much of anything. The overuse of glossy words says to the reader that the writer is trying to distract the them from really learning what they need and want to know about the company or product represented.

When writing a good sales pitch make sure to fully explain why your product or service is of value to those reading it. Provide examples, testimonials, and comparisons to similar competitors to explain why product or service is better than theirs and why what you have to offer is of better value to readers who could become potential customers.

A good letter adheres to a high standard of integrity in presenting the truth without the added fluff you see in many sales letters. If what you have to offer has a real usefulness to others, that is enough to create a high demand for it. There is no reason to overstate the usefulness or quality, because truthful information has always resulted in higher sales and profits, and captured more new leads than those other types and they always will.

Targeting is very important. You know what you want to sell others on the idea of buying or joining in on, but do you know who your target audience is? Do you know what is important to them when making purchases and membership decisions? Do you know where to find your target audience?

The internet is a great research tool for finding the answers to these questions. Talking to family, friends, and contacts to learn what they hope to find in the sales letters they read can also be very helpful. You should be able to answer in the affirmative to all of these questions even before you sit down and begin writing.

Draft your letter with grammar, punctuation, substance, value, integrity, and targeting in mind and your it will be much more likely to get the results you are looking for. Look to the web and its many resources such as tutorials, articles, and e-books for more information and tools to help improve your skills for writing a good sales letter. This is learning that you can use in all of your business and personal writing endeavors.

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