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Hot Internet Advertising That's Free And Effective!

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by: kingpin221
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Banging your head against the wall trying to generate traffic to your site? Tired of paying for traffic that doesn't pan out or just doesn't show up at all? Tired of getting scammed by people promising you the moon and not delivering? Tired of submitting to the search engines and not seeing results?

If so, you could be like hundreds of webmasters who are disillusioned with the Internet simply because they are not seeing the results from their marketing efforts that they want to see. They may have purchased traffic, invested in all sorts of advertising and seen nothing for their results except an empty wallet or maxed out credit card.

Let me share with you a few tips that can help you get the traffic desired without spending a fortune. These techniques work, but they may take a little time to see the results the webmaster is looking for.

Link Swapping

Sharing links with other sites is a great way to build traffic. You can get great results by trading links with other sites related to your own. It is a technique that can get you great traffic results and build on your page ranking especially if the site you are trading with has a higher ranking than yours does. Don't over do it though as it can get you into trouble with the search engines.

Keeping Current With Meta Tags

One of the best ideas for any webmaster to do is to research and utilize the most common meta tags available for their respective business. These tags are what the search engines use to direct traffic to various websites. They also help search engines describe your page to potential visitors by using the meta description listed in your web page.

If you are good at manipulating your meta tags and meta descriptions, this will be an easy technique to use.

Article Writing

Good articles that are rich in keywords and key phrases are one of the best ways to promote online. These articles are often seen by the search engines long before the site they represent. This alone makes them invaluable as tools to generate traffic to one's site.

Ironically, this technique is not as widely used by webmasters as it could be. The reasons vary, but most admit they simply hate to write. This can be easily dealt with by hiring a ghost writer to do your writing for you. While not free, it can be very cost effective.

Submitting to article directories is most often free, leaving the writer with the job of locating and the directories to submit to. One low cost and effective way to deal with this is to join an article submissions service. In this way, the articles are submitted to numerous directories at one time. This in turn has a viral effect in the traffic each article can create.

These are just three methods that can generate great traffic results. Using them correctly and wisely will build your traffic and conversion rate to its desired level.

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