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How To Avoid Costly Email Mistakes

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by: kevin03
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These days emails are our first means of communication with others and the majority of us simply could not survive without them. However, it has to be said, all sorts of problems can arise, if your email program is not used as intended.

One of the most widely used email programs is Outlook. If you have this installed on your computer, you really should make the effort to familiarize yourself with its content, in particular the Junk Filter feature. It uses many symbols and keywords to filter out spam emails and if you are aware of the keywords and how to use them Outlook is an email client which can be used most effectively. Knowing how to do this will solve the problem of emails ending up as spam, when they really should be arriving in the inbox.

Running an email marketing campaign can be extremely expensive and there are many marketers who believe that an email list which is not too costly can show good results. However, most experts agree that a more expensive list delivers better results due to the quality of the leads. Additionally a low quality email list has unhelpful consequences, as it affects your brand identity.

Many newsletters sent via email fail to come up with interesting subject lines. This means that the recipients are not likely to open and read the newsletters. Even though the content might be extremely compelling, they will never get this far. Therefore, it is most important to make sure their attention is grabbed with your subject line, enough to stir a little curiosity, so they will check out what you have on offer. This will, without doubt, increase your readership and in turn produce a better return on your investment

Another characteristic of email marketing is the target link. This link might be successful in one email client but not in another. For instance, if you want to bring up your company's name in the "From" line, some email programs may actually end showing your company's email address, rather than the name. In this way, the content of an email can be easily influenced by an email client, so you need to check up on this as it can have a tremendous impact on your email marketing results.

Results have also shown that an email campaign is successful if it is endorsing a convincing offer. This does not necessarily mean a free offer or huge discounts. The offer should be of use to the reader and be relevant to the requirements he or she has. Bear in mind the age-old adage: one shoe does not fit all. This is the reason that your offer has to be developed, based on the requirements of your email list.

Monitoring the results of the email campaign is another mistake made by a large number of email marketers. Nearly all ISPs have concerns when it comes to HTML compatibility, SPAM, blacklisting, mass email, etc. You will only work these out if you constantly monitor your ISP.

Last, you should optimize your newsletter if publishing it on your website, in order for it to be picked up by the search engines. To do this, you will need to know the relevant keywords and where to insert within the content so that your website will be increased in the rankings in the search engines

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Kevin Sinclair is the publisher and editor of Be Successful News, a site that provides information and articles on how to succeed in your own home or small business.

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