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When Things Don't Go As Planned

While I always recommend planning, sometimes even the
best plans don't go exactly as expected. But it's rarely
the end of the world when this happens. Here are my top
four tips to help you remain productive and positive
when things don't go as you originally hoped they would.

1. Remain calm. A surefire way to ensure your day is
really unproductive is to waste most of it getting
frantic, frustrated and angry. Stay calm and you'll be
able to being formulating and implementing solutions in
the most productive, stress-free manner.

2. Focus on the solution. Rather than complaining about
the problem, focus your mind and energy on the

For example, if you just burned the roast and company is
arriving in a half hour, don't focus on the burnt roast.
Focus on where the nearest Chinese take-out restaurant
is or focus on a meal you can whip up quickly in the

If you can't get a report to a customer when you
promised it, don't waste time being frustrated over
missing the deadline. Determine when you can get the
customer his report and what you can do in addition for
the customer to make up for this late report delivery.

3. Have a back-up plan. While you certainly don't need
to have a detailed back-up plan for everything in your
day, having one is definitely suggested for any major

For instance, if you're planning an outdoor birthday
party for your son, you should have a back-up plan in
case it rains.

Or, if you're planning to show a PowerPoint presentation
from your laptop at an upcoming workshop, have paper
handouts on hand in case you have difficulties with your
laptop or the power in the presentation room.

4. Don't sweat it. Regardless of how bad things may turn
out, try not to sweat it. Realize that things aren't
always going to work out, chalk it up to experience and
look ahead to the future. Make a list of what went wrong
and how you can help ensure it doesn't happen again in
the future. Focus on 'what's next' rather than dwelling
on the past.

Article written by Maria Gracia


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