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California Tax Assistance Centers

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The tax assistance centers are one of the best sources of personal tax related help in California. There are times when certain complicated tax issues cannot be handled online or via telephone and people require a face-to-face interaction for assistance. IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers helps people resolve all sorts of tax related problems. If you have a question regarding how the tax laws apply to your individual tax returns, then you can approach your local Taxpayer Assistance Center where you can display your tax related documents and discuss the issue with an IRS representative across the counter. IRS and other organizations across the world are committed to assist taxpayers. However, they also work towards achieving their own individual goals. They help to strengthen outreach efforts and bring education and assistance to millions.

You need not take any prior appointment to discuss your problem and can just walk in to the center. But if you wish, you can call a local number and leave a message requesting to make an appointment to resolve a serious tax related problem. It is important to note that the telephone numbers of all the locations are not toll-free. When you make a call, you will reach a recorded business message that would enable you to gather information on the office hours, location and services provided by that particular office. There you may leave a message to request for an appointment or the rescheduling of an existing appointment.

Within two working days, you would receive an appointment. Though many people prefer a face-to-face interaction, a telephonic assistance can also work in the same manner. If a personal contact is not very important for you, then you can also avail of the assistance via phone on the toll free number or IRS letters, to help you solve your tax account issues.

The major assistance provided by tax assistance centers include:

. Acceptance of cash payments.
. Inquiries related the account via notices and levies on wages or bank accounts.
. Tax adjustments i.e. changes to tax account information or payments.
. Alien clearances like sailing permits.
. Application for Taxpayer Assistance Order or ATAO
. Copies of Tax Returns and Transcripts.
. Help people prepare Form 2290 i.e. Heavy Vehicle Use Tax
. Assistance in over 150 languages.
. Arrangements for payments
. Procedural inquiries
. Offers solutions to tax related issues.
. Provides tax forms depending upon the availability.
. Tax Law Assistance i.e. it answers your queries regarding your individual Federal Tax Return

Tax kiosks are the other helpful means of obtaining tax assistance. The Internal Revenue Service has set it up at several locations across the country. It provides the taxpayers with a quick, self-service option, even without the Internet access to help them get forms and basic tax related information. These machines are located in a few selected locations such as Oakland, San Jose, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Laguna Niguel. Tax kiosks have the following features:

. It offers the taxpayers with touch screen facility with easy instructions.
. It issues the Federal tax forms for the current and previous years, for print or review.
. It answers several frequently asked tax related questions.
. It offers information in English and Spanish.

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