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Credit Articles

1: Self Help Credit Repair Steps
Bad credit not only looks bad but it makes it difficult in the future to receive fair loan interest rates and may affect your ability to buy a home when you want. The Federal Trade Commission, which c

2: Credit Card Debt - Stress Factor
Credit card debt is bad debt. That seems obvious, but there are types of debt that can be good. Home mortgages, business loans, even education loans can provide good returns over long periods. Tha

3: Using Credit Cards Wisely
Credit can make life so much easier. Credit allows us to enjoy things now while we pay for them later. Many of us would never become a homeowner or have a nice car if we had to save up the money to pa

4: Factoring can help with late payments
Factoring can help with late payments Recent surveys have suggested that there are growing concerns amongst UK SMEs over the increasing trend in late payments. After further research conducted by

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