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5 Ways to Lower Shipping Charges

This is an article submitted to me by a current newsletter subscriber and "candlepreneur". Deanna McColm has listed a few ways to eliminate those dreaded shipping charges added to your supply order. I appreciate and enjoy the articles sent in by Deanna, and hope to see more in the future.
Enjoy! Jean Ann Herley

Here are a few ways to lower shipping charges.

1) Always purchase at least 200 lbs at a time. This works well with wax and jars. UPS has a price break when you ship 200 lbs and over. If you can afford to do more, do it. Shipping by truck is even more economical that UPS heavy weight shipping. If you are placing a large order for wax or jars, talk to your supplier first. They may able to price truck shipping for you and help you save money.

2) Limit the number of suppliers that you use, especially for fragrances. If you only order from 2 or 3 suppliers, then you are not wasting extra shipping money by buying 2 lbs here, and 3 lbs here, another 4 lbs over there.... If you do find that you still want to use a certain supplier for one or two fragrances, order in a larger amount so you don't have to order as often.

3) Do not order a box of wax and a couple of other things. Many people add just a couple more items to their wax order, just to, round it out". You will always cause an extra box, and this will cost you more on shipping. Think of wax as its own order. If you do need other things, go ahead and order but try to fill up the shipping box as much as possible. UPS is very expensive for just a couple of items.

4) When ordering items that don't weigh much, likes wicks, contact the supplier to see if they will do USPS shipping for small orders. It is much less expensive for you. However, it isn't always possible for a supplier to do this, so please be courteous if they cannot.

5) When ordering jars, contact the supplier to see how many cases of jars fit in a shipping carton. Then, order in multiples of that quantity. For instance, the shipping carton for square masons (for one supplier) holds 11 cases. Order 11 or 22 or 33 cases, and then you will limit the number of boxes that have to be shipped. More boxes add up to more shipping cost, as each box has its own shipping cost. In this case, if you order 12 cases, you will have 2 boxes and only 1 case in one of the boxes. It will cost more to ship this one case!


DeAnna McColm started making soy container candles in
January of 2004, and later that year Aroma DeeLites
was born. She has had several other business ventures
in the area of multi-level marketing so she has lots
of practice building a business.

However, this is her first business venture where she is making her own product. She currently produces soy blend container
candles, air fresheners, whipped shea butters, air
freshener sprays and wax melts.


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