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Boosting Summer Sales

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by: jah
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I know it's something candle makers hate to think about, but for the most part, summer is considered the slow season for anyone in the candle business. Candle sales go up during cold weather because everyone seems to get that warm and cozy feeling that Fall/Winter brings, and want their surroundings to smell the same way.

What thoughts do summer bring to mind? Hot heat, air conditioning, pool parties, and being outdoors. So how do you increase candle sales when it's 90 degrees in the shade?

Well, for starters, who says that candles have to be burned indoors? Here are a few outdoor product ideas to get your business moving during the summer season.

1. Create citronella candles - This is one of the best selling candle scents for summer. The more of an outdoors look you give your product, the easier it will move.

2. Offer aromatherapy candles. Did you know that mosquitos hate lavender, and ants despise peppermint? I'm speaking of true aromatherapy oils, not fragrance oils.

Creating a candle that is environmentally friendly (all natural), deters insects, and works with the season, can only be a plus to your summer time sales. Pour these into a clay pot, and you have a great patio product!

3. Dipped bears seem to be big sellers these days, so why not frogs, fish, fruit, or ladybug for the hot summer season? Visualize a plush coconut dipped in Pina Colada. Set this in the center of your patio table, and enjoy the feel and fragrance of summertime!

4. Floating Candles - If you are currently doing wax tarts, you can easily make a floater. The ideas are endless! These are the perfect candle to dress up a deck or backyard for a pool party or weekend cook out!

5. Tart Burners - This is a great product to use for either indoors or outdoors. If you offer ceramic burners, then you have the opportunity to sell tarts, small bottles of fragrance oil, and tea lights! Better yet, sell a tart burner package; everything needed for one hot summer price! No electrical cord means they can be placed anywhere outdoors for relaxing evening light.

6. Fragrances are key! Vanilla is great year round, but to boost summer sales, try offering one or more of these!

Cucumber Melon
Sex on the Beach
Fruit Salad
Pina Colada
an Ocean scent
Rootbeer Float

I hope these ideas will help you come up with some great ideas of your own. Here's to your Summer Sales!!

About the Author

Jean Ann Herley is author of Stop Burning Time and Money In Your Candle Business, an ebook on how to make your candle business thrive with less time, money and research, and owner of The Candle Making Business Resource.

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