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Candle Making Articles

1: How Do You Spell Pure Luxury? Aromatherapy Soy Candle!
Become familiar with the benefits of the environmentally friendly soy candle. Soy candles offer an all natural candle burning experience
and can create a special atmosphere any time.

2: Water Jacket Melters vs. Direct Heat Melters
Water Jacket Melters are the most common form of heating. The melter uses hot water to melt the wax, soap or selected material.

3: Finding the PERFECT Fragrance
I think the best way to choose fragrances is to first look at what you like. Also get input from friends and family, their likes and dislikes.

4: Do You Know What Your Competition Is Up To?
Do you know what your competition is up to? If not, you could be headed for trouble.

5: Marketing Your Candle Fundraiser
Here are a few simple ways to help you market your fundraiser program to possibly get the order.

6: Boosting Summer Sales
I know it's something candle makers hate to think about, but for the most part, summer is considered the slow season for anyone in the candle business. Candle sales go up during cold weather because everyone seems to get that warm and cozy feeling that Fall/Winter brings, and want their surroundings to smell the same way.

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