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Want to be Successful? Then You Need 8 To Be Great.

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by: Richard St. John
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So what exactly do you need to be a success in today’s rough and tumble world? How about stunning good looks? A high I.Q.? Prodigal talent? No, no, and no. Surprised? Read on. Take Martha Stewart and Michael Jordan for example. She’s the domestic diva. He’s one of the most legendary athletes of all time. She can tell you how to care for hardwood floors and he knows how to work the hardwood. Their career paths seem worlds apart, but Martha and Michael have more in common than you might think. In fact, they have 8-Traits in common. And they’re the same traits that most successful people share, according to Richard St. John, award winning communicator, success analyst and author of the new book “8 To Be Great: The 8-Traits That Lead To Great Success” (Train of Thought Arts Inc. 2007)

St. John’s research shows that one of the traits Martha and Michael share is unwavering dedication to the value of WORK. “When I asked Martha Stewart what led to her success, she said, ‘I’m a real hard worker. I work and work all the time,’” says St. John. “Hard work also made Michael Jordan a star, although not at first. He thought he could skate by on talent alone and slacked off – until he was actually cut from his college basketball team. That rude awakening changed his outlook and showed him that, even if you have talent, hard work is what really matters.”

St. John knows a thing or two about hard work. A self-made millionaire, his marketing communications company, The St. John Group has thrived for more than 25 years despite the fact he “barely made it through high school.” But the concept of what defines success hit home during a conversation with a teenager sitting next to him on an airplane. As he tapped away on his computer, she kept asking him questions about his work. After deciding that St. John was a successful businessman, she dropped the bombshell; the question of all questions that stuck in his craw and launched him on what became a decade long odyssey. “What REALLY leads to success?” He admitted he didn’t know and thus, the quest began.

St. John spent 10 years researching and dissecting success. He conducted 500 personal interviews of successful people, including major celebrities such as Martha Stewart, Richard Branson, Russell Crowe, Quincy Jones and the Google founders, as well as people whose names you may not recognize but who’ve achieved great things in their respective fields. He also spent countless hours scouring additional interviews to find more examples of what leads to success. The results of all that painstaking research are revealed in ‘8 To Be Great.” And what he’s discovered might surprise you.

“Believe it or not, I learned there is no one ‘secret’ to success. Many people wrongly assume you have to be exceptionally bright to make it to the top,” says St. John. “But that’s not the case. I’ve also discovered that you don’t have to be beautiful or handsome. Those are all myths that many of us have bought into and they’ve become engrained in our collective psyche."

After begging for (and getting!) interviews with the big names, St. John then tackled the tedious task of combing through millions of words to find the common denominators. He ultimately identified the 8-Traits that successful people point to as being the foundation for their success, wealth and greatness.

“PASSION is another trait that people point to as launching them on the path to success,” says St. John. “Successful people love what they do. And I’ve noticed two distinct groups—those who’ve known from the time they were kids what they’d do in life, and others who fall into it. I call it falling into your calling. Following your passion is important because if you love what you do, you’ll automatically adopt the 7 other traits that lead to success and wealth; like work hard and persist.”

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About the Author

Richard St. John is an author and award-winning communicator who interviewed hundreds of people to discover what leads to success. He was featured in a one-hour TV special for The Learning Channel. St. John has been interviewed for numerous print articles and TV shows, including the Discovery Channel. His marketing communications company, The St. John Group, has thrived for over 25 years. St. John’s design and photography work have appeared in prestigious publications such as ‘Communication Arts.’ He has won top awards including best corporate video and script in the world at the AMI (Association for Multi Image) International Awards Festival. St. John has run marathons on all seven continents and he and his wife Baiba have climbed two of the world’s highest mountains, Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua.

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