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Small Business Articles

51: Store Fixtures on Floor
Grid-wall panels and accessories have become the most popular and versatile way to utilize both wall-mounted applications and freestanding floor displays. These panels are a durable, medium weight sys

52: Double Entry Bookkeeping Versus Single Entry Bookkeeping
Bookkeeping is the function of recording the prime financial documents of a business usually by a bookkeeper or accounts clerk. The bookkeeping system adopted has to be based upon double entry principles for all limited companies but a single entry self employed bookkeeping system for smaller organisations can be adopted if a statement of assets and liabilities is not required.

53: Vital Importance Of Small Business Accounting Software
Many small businesses function in a completely introspective manner and while the talented entrepreneur can benefit greatly in these circumstances it can lead to failure in others. Small business accounting software is vital in many circumstances not least to broaden the management function to include accounting and finance.

54: Lighting Fixtures For Retail Shops
The utmost important, yet underused elements of visual merchandising, is the proper use of lighting to highlight merchandise and displays. The track lighting enhances color, and vivid color sells merc

55: How to Display Products
The Mannequins and body forms are essential for enhancing merchandise, making it easier for customers to visualize how clothing will look on them. Conventional life size mannequins offer a flattering

56: Display Fixture Tips
Before buying store fixtures and display merchandise for a retail store, there are initially a number of things to consider when deciding how to make the best choice? Starting ahead a new retail store

57: Acrylic Displays Advantages
People always require durable material with good looks. In the earlier days the only material for store fixtures was wood, glass and iron selves. These materials were porn to natural problems like ter

58: Affiliate Programs for Residual Income
Many people enjoy being a part of an affiliate program to earn residual income. As part of an affiliate program, you distribute products for a major company. The referrals that you send to the company and the items that you distribute earn you residual income.

59: Business Tips - Performance Based Payment Schemes and 1 Customer = Unlimited Potential Customers
Another misconception about business operating practices is the stigma associated with performance based payment schemes. There are two schools of thought in the retail sector about performance based schemes.

60: Marketing Your Online Business
One of the biggest challenges that face new and established business owners is marketing their enterprise. Surprisingly enough, this is something that many new entrepreneurs do not take into consideration before they start their business.

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