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Small Business Articles

41: Simple Way to Limited Liability Company Formation
Registration of a limited liability company in the UK is not a complex business. Four documents are required to create a limited liability company. Documents which are available quite cheaply including the main company registration forms which are free.

42: Basic Bookkeeping For Small Business Can Save Money
Every business is required to keep a set of financial records to enable those accounts to be submitted and the tax payable calculated. Bookkeeping is the prime stage in keeping those books and at its most basic level does not require high levels of accounting knowledge and experience and accountant fees can be saved.

43: Looking for the Best Credit Card for Your Business?
As a manager or business owner, you always look for better ways to maximize business revenue and control expenses. When it comes to "common expenses" a business credit card is absolutely essential in managing and tracking of those expenses.

44: Great Small Business Ideas
Running a business can be quite exciting, but it is not going to be a long vacation. Self-employment is more taxing during the initial stages as it is not easy to pull the ship alone and it does not come without risks.

45: The Rules For Small Business Ideas
When it comes to small businesses, it does become difficult for them to adopt high end and other costly mechanisms in order to generate more revenue, which is the ultimate goal of any business. Therefore, in case of small business ideas, the Internet is the best way to go.

46: Personal Qualities Required To Be An Entrepreneur And Start Your Own Business
The success of every small business and especially a new start up business is dependent upon the personal qualities and abilities of the small business owner. Some skills and abilities are more important than others to an entrepreneur but rarely are all qualities are required and invariably some are essential to start your own business and make it a success.

47: Producing a Successful Business Plan To Start A New Business
Every new business start up has a business plan that varies in sophistication from a few brief thoughts, an idea or aspiration to a formal written document setting out all major elements. Preparing a business plan is essential if grants are to be applied for or money is being borrowed to fund the start up. The strong message being that potential lenders regard a business plan as essential

48: When the Customer is Always Right
When the Customer is always right is ALL OF THE TIME! As part of your business and personal growth, you need to take this time honored concept to heart. Even when you are 200% sure...

49: Do You Have a Master Plan?
Some people like to live by the "seat of their pants," and no one would argue that a little spontaneity is great to have in your life. But you do need to plan something at some point, or your life will simply be one reaction after another.

50: First Impressions Do Count
How a properly attired workforce can impact on the success of a business.

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