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Sales Articles

61: How a Coach Can Help Supercharge Your Sales Meeting
Sales meetings offer great opportunities to benchmark performance, as compared to other methods, like plans. A sales meeting helps in additional skill development, updating the team on new products and pumps them up to exceed your next week or month targets.

62: Don't Giveaway What Your Prospects Already Have
It is very popular to offer a lot of free bonuses with a purchase. This article gives ideas on how to stand out, be different.

63: Tuning Your Sales Pitch
Since words and meaning conflict, and since one unit of tone is more convincing than, six hundred units of words, it is wise to make use of tones when working on making a sales pitch.

64: Developing the Winning Mindset
We must invest time daily to develop the winning mindset. Take the time to record your victories. Review them daily, weekly, and monthly. Work to improve your belief in yourself.

65: The Skill of Persistence
Persistence is crucial to ultimate success in life. To learn the skill of persistence, you must first learn to persist in the little things. The first step for mastery of persistence is the ability to decide and have the clarity of decision that you will do it or else.

66: It's OK To Ask For The Sale. Really It's OK
Sales professionals do not ask for the sale because they are afraid of hearing the word "NO". This article shows how never to hear the word "NO" when asking for the sale

67: How to Make Maximum Sales in Minimum Time!
How would you like to get more positive results in sales? I want to give you an exercise you can use to dramatically change the results you are currently getting.

68: Trainee Salesman Stumbles on a Cold Fortune
I read a news item about a janitor who became a commission salesman and within two years bought the apartment block where he had been the janitor. I must try again to become a salesman, and I did

69: Improve Your Skills for Sales Success Today
The customer and his or her needs is what drives the conversation and your sales approach should always be customer-centered.

70: Excellence in Sales Starts with the Right Approach
Instead of talking about products, your role is to communicate a message in which you add value, provide perspective, and show how your features and benefits apply to and satisfy customer needs.

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