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41: Creating Web Copy That Increases Your Sales
The Internet is a virtual goldmine - call it a virtual El Dorado, if you will. And, there's a gold rush out there. Just about every small business owner is doing his best at selling his product, waiting to get that big break - something that will bring home the bacon, the ham and the pudding, and much more.

42: Persistance! The Art of Getting It Done
I have heard it more and more lately. The person on the other end of the phone line, says "Thanks for keeping up with me." ... Or, "Thanks for bugging me, in a good way."...You see, to be successful in sales, in business, in building relationships, it takes downright, unadulterated persistence.

43: Need More Prospects, Who Doesn't? Find These Better Solutions.
The greatest cry and need of sales people and sales organizations that I know of is leads and prospects. Let me tell you right off the bat, there is hope for more prospects, & more clients.

44: Leads Help You Beat Out The Competition
In this modern era of computer technology and the advent of the internet, it has become much easier to search for and qualify targeted leads. To search for leads online, it is a plus for the sales agents to have a working knowledge of internet marketing and effective and cutting-edge search tools.

45: How To Attract Customers With Selling Products For Your Home Based Business Opportunities
So many people fear the sale and struggle to convey the value of the product. A true business owner will be able to communicate with compassion to any potential client that they will eventually buy from them.

46: The 5 Things I Learned About Business While Visiting 6 Flags Great America
Six Flags can teach any new business person on how to play it smart. Take every opportunity to make money from patrons who visit you.

47: The Value of Open Ended Questions in Sales
Asking questions is the key to any good sales person's career.

48: Being a Prize-Winning Sales Person
Do you want to be in the sales department? Find out what are the qualities that create a fantastic salesman.

49: Creating Customer Relationships Using Products
Many businesses don't know that they can use their products to create relationships with prospects.

50: Sorting vs. Selling, The Strategy That Will Set You Free
So many people looking to start a home business are under the impression that you have to become a door-to-door sales person, professional telemarketer, or a Mary Kay lady doing home meetings to make money. Wll wrong. (Well, unless you like to do that sort of thing).

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