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Sales Articles

31: Why Radio, TV, Newspaper and Other Traditional Advertising is so Very Yesterday
The Return on Investment (ROI) for tradtional media marketing is going down. It is imperative that ownership and management take back control of their marketing initiatives.

32: Three Mistakes That May Cost You Sales
As you read every word of this article you will discover three common mistakes that may be costing you sales. However, I don't want you to feel like you are alone, or thats it's totally your fault. These are common mistakes made by many sales people due to the lack of proper sales training.

33: Boost Your Business with the law of scarcity
During the early 20th Century there was a famous baseball player called Honus Wagner. At that time tobacco companies produced baseball cards and included them with their cigarettes for people to colle

34: How to Increase Sales 100% in 9 Months or Less
Would you like to make more money? Are you in sales and on a commision based pay plan? Would you like to be salesman of the month? Earn the respect of your peers? Receive gifts and bonuses that were once thought unattainable?

35: How Much is Fear Costing Your Sales?
Learn how to overcome the fear that may be costing you sales.

36: How To Get Referrals Month After Month After Month
How different would your business be if your current customers were enthusiastically seeking out prospective customers for you?

37: How To Promote And Sell Any Product
There are many strategies you can use to promote and sell your products to the market. But the challenge lies in choosing the best method for your particular product and service to be recognized and sold. The first thing you should realize...

38: Five Ways To Help Your Customers Spend More
It's simple to make your customers spend more on your website. All you need to know is that customers value freebies, discounts, ease of shopping, and personal attention.

39: How to Sell Value Instead of Price
Often sellers think they're selling value when they're not. Some clues are confused and frustrated buyers who attack price. Use this simple three-step process to sell value when the prospect wants to buy price.

40: How to Get Prospects Listening
The key to getting prospects to listen is to craft your message with a specific customer in mind.

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