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21: How To Quickly Establish Rapport With Your Prospects!
I'm sure you'll agree, establishing rapport and trust with your prospects is one of, if not the most important presentation skills you can learn. It's been said many times, people only buy from people they like and trust.

22: "Hunter" vs. "Farmer": How Do You Sell?
Are you a transactional ("hunter") or a consultative ("farmer") salesperson. Find out the difference and learn which method is most likely to help you increase your sales, your profits and your customer loyalty.

23: Networking Works: Practical Advice & Tips for Achieving Networking Success
Are you struggling to get the best return on your networking investment? Read on for some practical and actionable tips and advice for making networking work for you.

24: Five Keys to Success in Sales
Becoming a great salesperson rarely just happens; it generally takes a whole lot of study and effort. After working in sales for years and rising to the top of my company,these are my five keys to success in sales.

25: The Difference Between Marketing and Selling
There is a lot of confusion about the differences between marketing and sales. Marketing is in fact the act of 'bringing the product to market'. Selling is about closing a sale and turning a potential buyer into a customer. Closing a sale is also called a conversion.

26: Creating Multiple Profits To Increase Your Net Worth
Online businsesses can generate multiple streams of profit to generate more wealth by selling more products from their own website as well as joining affiliate programs.

27: How To Get Referrals From More People
Referral marketing is one of the simplest forms of generating new clients and customers...

28: Customers Want More Than Your Best Price
When prospective customers ask salespeople to quote their best price, they really would rather have something more important. Three consultative selling actions result in more business from happier customers at higher profits.

29: 7 Top Tips for Increasing Your Business Sales for 2008
So you want to increase your sales income for 2008 and are ready to make it happen. Here are 7 ways to boost your sales across the business.

30: Learn How To Price Your Products & Services
Some businesses don't have to worry about pricing because there is a market price for their goods or services that can't be modified, such as the price of developing a role of 35-mm color film at a Photo franchise shop, for example. But most businesses have to decide how to price their goods or service and whether it will be lower, the same as, or higher than the market price.

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