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How To Speed Up Your Point Of Sale With Ease

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by: AnnaStenning
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Every business and retail unit has something called a point of sale unit, or in short a POS system. This is simply a location whereby the transaction process takes place. These were evolved from the mechanical cash register, which is still used in some smaller shops today. This can take a long time to type the price in remembering how much everything is, therefore, it is better to buy a system whereby everything is already saved in the system.

You can speed things up slightly more with a point of sale system, which will also avoid problems with barcode scanning, credit card authorization and any other transactional process. The way it speeds it up is firstly by using the right good quality barcode scanner. This means finding a barcode scanner that can read the barcode in any direction. Some barcode scanners require you to hold them at a specific angle, this is not usually possible if you are in a hurry and can take a lot of time to have the item read.

Older barcode scanners have just one laser emitting, newer and good quality scanners have multiple lasers emitting at all angles making it much more efficient to use and saving time at the transaction process. These are called omni-directional scanners. Buying these kinds of barcode scanners will reduce the need to recalculate inventory errors and can check the customers items more accurately. These will reduce your transactional time drastically and calculate items within minutes.

For credit card transactions, it is best to replace any older equipment that you may have and purchase something that will read cards quickly without any connection problems. The way to do this is to upgrade everything or install credit card authorisation software onto your point of sale system with a broadband connection. This way the authorisation process will be completed within seconds rather than a few minutes.

Touch screen equipments are good for fast selection of the products and calculating each item quickly. Each item can be recognised from pre-programmed images from an organised list of categories. Using a mouse takes a long time to find the product that you need, the same applies to using a keyboard as well. With a touch screen, you will not need to use anything else to select the products speeding up the point of sale process.

Always opt for the best good quality and long last software for the system, with regular maintenance and checks. This will ensure that there will be no problems of the system failing on you. It is always a good to have a backup plan in place just in case but you will rarely need to resort to this if you purchase good quality hardware and software systems. Some retailers and businesses choose to use systems that are more affordable and lower in quality. When these breakdown customers are left waiting and feeling frustrated they cannot end the transaction sooner.

This is never a good scenario for any retail business; therefore, it is advisable to purchase good quality systems. In order to make sure you have the best point of sale system in place, you must do your research beforehand and read up on the ones that have been almost always failsafe. Always consult with an expert and compare prices, quality and customer testimonials before you choose the software.

About the Author

Anna Stenning is an expert on point of sale processes and systems, having researched on this for previous retail industries.

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