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11: Marketing Need Not Be Expensive
By employing a bit of creativity and following these easy steps, you can draw up lowcost or even nocost marketing campaigns. Whether you budget is limited or nonexistent there are ways to draw custome

12: Staying Power Is 99% Of Marketing Success
It is no wonder that marketers have a grim determination about them. They need all the staying power they can get because marketing is a slow, incremental effort that takes a long time to produce resu

13: Promise Little And Deliver Much: A Recipe For Success
There is a great counterintuitive marketing technique sometimes expressed as under promise and over deliver. I want to tell you about it because it works, its free, it does not matter if you dont unde

14: Emotional Marketing As The Basis Of Your Promotions
The market out there is fast and furious. The competition is heavy and the marketing messages are reaching consumers in their thousands every day. To compound the challenge most of your potential cust

15: Show Confidence Through Your Walk and Posture
No one ever has too much confidence - ego, yes, confidence no. Do you keep in mind that your walk and posture bespeak your confidence before you begin your pitch? They influence your audience of one

16: Finding the Right Store Fixtures for your Merchandise
The motive of every store keeper is to attract customers. This is done by displaying the articles of the store in the best possible manner. Like a store which sells clothes should hang best quality cl

17: Want to be Successful? Then You Need 8 To Be Great.
So what exactly do you need to be a success in today’s rough and tumble world? How about stunning good looks? A high I.Q.? Prodigal talent? No, no, and no. Surprised? Read on. Take Martha Stewa

18: Choosing the Best Displays for your Store: Acrylic Displays
Durability with good looks has always been need of people in every field. In earlier days only material available for store fixtures was wood, glass and iron. They all were porn to natural problems li

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