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Top Reasons People Fail in MLM

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by: Paul Colley
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Why is it that so many people try to make money in MLM and continuously fail.
Here are the main reasons why one would fail.

First of all they don't get enough upline support. They are given a web site to advertise
and aren't really shown how to do it. There upline is only concerned with how many people
they can recruit to earn money, and is not really concerned with helping their members earn
too. The upline members don't even keep in contact with their members or even support
them on a regular basis.

Then there is advertising. People are not shown exactly how to advertise. So they end up
spending so much time searching for ways to do it, and so many times loose money on inferior
and ineffective advertising methods. If a system is to be duplicated then someone should be
letting one know the best places to advertise, and the exact resources to find them.

What about training. Not everyone has that much experience. People fail because they are
not given the training they need to succeed. Some opportunities assume someone will know
how to do certain tasks when to someone new to marketing online doesn't have a clue. A
person needs to have some training in order to succeed online. Even one with some experience
could use a little guidance.

Plus Duplication. If a system cannot be duplicated by anyone who tries it with all there
effort. Then it is bound for failure. Many programs out there are great for an experienced
marketer to go out and succeed, but it is not easily duplicated by anyone who tries it.
A system must to be able to be duplicated in order for someone to succeed with it.

What about the person. Many people are opportunity jumpers and while they are advertising
their opportunity, they see other ads and get lured. People don't stick to what their doing
and stick to their opportunity. Many people still think there may be something better even
though their opportunity is probably a good one. A person has to stay focused on their
opportunity to succeed with it.

Lack of Action. So many may think just because they are involved in a great opportunity
they are going to succeed. Many do not realize the effort that must be put forth in able
to earn any successes with that opportunity. They think the got a great web site and it's
just going to do well by doing not much at all. Very Big issue here.

These are the main reasons why one would fail in MLM.
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About the Author

Paul Colley has been an experienced marketer for about 5 years now.

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