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Ten Network Marketing Tips

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by: biggso
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While nobody wants to be called a dummy, there are ten dummy network marketing tips that are entitled such simply because they might fall under the heading of even a network marketing dummy would know that. It is surprising that so much common sense is going by the wayside when dealing with the network marketing business but unfortunately some of it can be traced back succinctly to the presence of e-books and even training materials that advocate outdated and antiquated procedures. To make sure that you do not commit one of the cardinal sins of network marketing, here are ten network marketing tips you cannot ignore.

1. Until you are a seasoned network marketer, look to your up line for guidance and go slow with respect to building a down line. It is uncanny how many novices will attempt to build a vibrant down line, even though they have yet to make one sale of the actual product they are working with. Get to know the product and what it takes to sell it and then look for other distributors. This will greatly increase the quality and eventual output of your down line.

2. You need to use online and off line marketing tools. Relying on only one venue is like putting all of your eggs in one basket and then taking it off roading. The results are not pretty.

3. Differentiate between generic and qualified leads. A generic lead is cheap and easy to get but will require more persuasion to be turned into a customer. A qualified lead is a lot more expensive but you have a greater chance at success, although not a guarantee.

4. Use a professional website for your marketing effort. The term professional cannot be underscored often enough. Stay away from the home made look that tips off every visitor that you are operating out of your spare bedroom. Outsource this aspect of the business if you are not sure you can do it yourself.

5. Use ethical business practices or your site will be blacklisted by search engines and your email considered spam. Do not use mirror sites, fraudulent metatags and sent emails to everyone on a consistent basis.

6. Make the most of newsletter network marketing opportunities. Your product and business can shine in a newsletter. Sometimes referred to as article marketing, this is a vehicle that incorporates your commercial message in a general content piece of writing. Let the experts put this together for you if you are not sure you can pull this off yourself.

7. Forums are great for marketing but they are also great for getting kicked off if you are found to be spamming. Be very careful when going this route.

8. Practice public speaking skills, even if thus far you are conducting the business only online. There will come a time when you need to do a sales presentation.

9. Network with fellow marketers by joining business organizations germane to your area of business or product.

10. Stay informed and educated about the market place. Learn to recognize change in consumer behavior and find out how to make these changes work to your advantage.

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