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Marketing Articles

81: Marketing - Back To The Basics
Too many entrepreneurs and small businesses dive right into the thick of operations without following basic marketing principles. In business, as in most things, it pays to occasionally take a step back and evaluate the bigger picture.

82: Why Press Releases Work - Website Marketing
Press releases are a great way to grab the media's attention and get them to promote your business or service for free! It's a way to generate free advertising by announcing to their readership what you have to offer and get your message out there. How?

83: Top E-Mail Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
Email marketing is one of the most affordable (and fastest) ways to get the word out about your company, services and/or products.

84: Networking Tips Every Business Professional Needs To Know
Networking: it seems to be the buzzword of business today. But what is it, and does it really work to bring in business? Whether you are looking for a new job, or new clients, networking is a way to introduce yourself (and your business), to a myriad of potential clients and customers.

85: Growing a Business Starts With a Good Marketing Plan
Turning a growing business into a successful business takes patience, an understanding of your customers and ingenuity in creating a strong marketing plan that is unique to your product and service.

86: Using Informative Articles As A Marketing Tool
When someone is interested in something, they want to learn more about it. Whether it's learning to golf, play the piano, teach their children to read, or how to treat cancer, sharing what you know about your field through informative articles is an excellent way to market your services and products.

87: Creative Advertising Ideas
This article gives enterpreneurs the basics of how to brainstorm their way to a creative advertising idea.

88: Tips on Starting an E-Mail Marketing Campaign
E-mail marketing is a fast, easy, and relatively cheap way to promote any business in today's high-tech world. Whether you are selling a specific service, or an entire product line, email marketing allows virtually any business to reach literally thousands of potential customers with ease.

89: Top Ten Mistakes in MLM
Multi-Level Marketing can be a challenge to many people. It is however another great opportunity to create whatever you dream of by the right approach. This article will guide you to the most common mistakes of the people in this field and how to not fall into them.

90: How You Can Easily Generate a Constant Stream Of Customers
From meetings and conversations with many entrepreneurs I've seen that more then 90% are struggling with a weak, or no stream of new customers at all. They come to me all the time with the request to write a good advertisement, brochure or mailing for them. But does this actually work?

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