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Marketing Articles

111: Cut Out the Middle-Marketer: Own Your Campaign
You can create your own marketing department to move up in the search engine results. Keep these important points in mind and discover how easy it really is.

112: Optimizing Efficiency in Your Business Marketing Plan
Learn the smart way to promote your business with this cutting edge strategy. A proven promotional method that is effective without breaking the bank.

113: How To Market Yourself on the Internet
Take control of your marketing campaign with this tip for getting noticed on the Web. Marketing is easier and more lucrative when you use this content strategy.

114: Shut Up And Take The Money -And What To Do When They Say, "Your Price Is Higher Than The Competition
You no longer have to worry about price competition. Using the sales techniques in this article you will be able to increase your prices and close more sales faster.

115: Do You Keep The Customer When The Bread Is Moldy?
How to keep the customer when you or your product is not up to the standards the customer demands. Plus 6 steps to handling difficult customers.

116: Do You Need A 99cent Chicken Sandwich?
What you need to do to attract customers to your business. Plus 6 Perceptions customers react positively to:

117: Your Money Thermostat- Is It Stuck?
What's your "money thermostat" set to? Interesting question, huh?

118: Build Your List : Stop Selling Directly to Customers
Based on the nature of affiliate business - you sign up as an affiliate at merchant's website, get your unique affiliate link and then start to promote the product or service to whomever to generate the sales and make commissions. However, after time being, you start to feel down and disappointed because you didn't make any sales.

119: All Ya Need Is Attitude And Ownership To Have Selling Success
Discover what really seperates the successful sales professionals from all the others.

120: 10 Items Or Less-How To Use The Customer's Demand For Fast Service And Convenience
It has always been true, the selling that gives the customer the most convenience will be the seller of choice for the customer. It does not cost you anything to give the customers the convenience that will make you the seller of choice in your market.

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