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Marketing Articles

101: Need New Marketing and Selling Ideas? Ask Your Staff
Who talks to your customers more than you do? Who knows what will most satisfy your customers better than your staff? Who knows what will attract customers to your business better than your staff? No one!!

102: Getting Recommended By Others Will Increase Your Profits
The best form of marketing is word of mouth. But only the top sales producers know how to gain recomendations from thier satisfied customers. This article will show you how.

103: Are You Taking Advantage Of Your Most Valuable Selling Asset?
If people purchased your products and services once, they will buy from you over and over and over if you know how to get them to remember you.

104: Double Your Sales Without Gaining New Customers
You may not be able to stop your marketing costs from going up. But you can stop your profits from going down simply by selling more products and service to each customer. And it is easy if you use the right words and know how to convince the customer to purchase more items at each sale.

105: When Will The Customer Buy?
Customers will buy from you when they perceive you offer them the best solution to thier problems, needs and wants. You must know how to give them the perception that you are the seller that will best solve thier problems, needs and wants.

106: Turn Incoming Calls Into Sales And Profits
Professional Telephone Answering Techniques to gain and retain customers

107: Shout It From The Rooftops
Learn and use the 3 most powerful words in marketing to increade your sales and profits.

108: Ask Questions And Get Rich
# 1 Rule in Selling is: The seller who solves the customer's problems, needs and wants the easiest for them will get the sale. Ask Questions to discover the customers problems, needs and wants.

109: Marketing Campaigns Built to Last
Discover tips for savvy business people looking to save money while building a successful marketing campaign. Discover how to reach thousands of hungry consumers through the magic of article marketing.

110: Make BIG Profits Using Little Words-Plus - 'The 3 Most Powerful Words In Marketing'
The best person to write your advertising copy is you. You know your products and services and no one has a bigger passion for your business than you. All you have to do is use little words and the 3 most powerful words in advertising to get your advertisements noticed and cause the customers to buy from you.

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