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91: Creating a Brand that is Authentic, Resilient and Disaster Proof
Why do some brands sink from a scandal while others rebound? Here are some of the keys to creating and delivering value for customers in a way that makes your brand authentic, resilient and disaster proof.

92: Marketing ROI: Getting More Out of Your Business Cards
How much of your marketing is being done by your business card? To get a great Return On Investment from your marketing, look at the various media you are spending on already, but may not be using to the fullest.

93: Marketing Success in 30 Minutes a Day
Want to increase the value of your business? You can do so in just 30 minutes a day. How to dedicate the time, keep on track and what kinds of things you should do.

94: Developing Your Ultimate Home Business Strategy
If you have a new home business, you need to spend some time putting together just the right home business success strategies to make it really work for you. If you woke up to that brilliant idea (or found it on the web) you have to take that idea and create the best possible strategy for it so that you can find yourself on top of the game.

95: Secrets Of Classified Ad Millionaires
Classifieds are read by a certain segment of the population daily so you must change your leading words in the ad to draw these readers in again and again.

96: Different Ways To Advertise Your Home Business
It's an exciting adventure that you're about to begin by being self-employed. It's time to let everyone know about your soon-to-be successful company by promoting your home business.

97: The Answer Is Always "NO" Until You Ask For The Sale
How never to allow the customer to say or think "NO" when you ask for the sale.

98: How To Determine If You're Targeting Your Ideal Market
Do you constantly pick the wrong market and struggle to land clients? Using a simple checklist, learn how to solve that problem and find the target market that's right for you.

99: A Guide To Marketing
Marketing is not a new idea but it has a history almost as long as humanity itself. Some will see it as the art of selling, while others will see it as having much wider application and will include advertising and promotion of a product or service under the heading. Marketing is also about customer service and customer satisfaction; managing that relationship has to be part of the process.

100: The Secret To Lowering Your Marketing Cost
Marketing and advertising cost are going up. What is a seller who must market in order to survive and prosper to do? What can you do?

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