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Marketing Need Not Be Expensive

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by: James Copper
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By employing a bit of creativity and following these easy steps, you can draw up lowcost or even nocost marketing campaigns. Whether you budget is limited or nonexistent there are ways to draw customers to your business. Just try some of these methods and see the results.

1. Talk about your business. Its the oldest form of advertising there is Just talk about your business to others on every occasion you meet them and see the word spread. You may think you talk about your business a lot but do you? Most likely you dont talk about it as much as you think about it. Thinking wont get you anywhere. Talk about your business nonstop to anybody and everybody. Then see word of mouth work for you.

2. Be controversial. As you know, people and businesses in the limelight are either loved or hated. The public is rarely lukewarm about them. So you should get the public to feel strongly one way or another about you. A good way to do this is to be controversial. You can do this through controversial products, controversial statements, controversial dress, and controversial projects. Its a great way to get into the public eye and stay there.

3. Give stuff away. This is another marketing trick that is as old as marketing itself. Give away gifts whether they be mugs, T shirts, stickers, badges. The sky is the limit here and the freebies need not be expensive. Ensure your brand and web address are on them. Also add free products to your autoresponder emails.

4. Have your say. Top entrepreneurs have views on anything and everything and thats the way they stay in the limelight. Above all they are emotional and controversial in their comments and views. This is something you should pursue. Become a regular columnist in a newspaper or magazine dealing with your field of business. Get on talk shows. Soon you will be perceived as an expert on the subject. The spin off will be credibility for your and your business, and of course more sales.

5. Blog. A blog is more than a self indulgent diary online. It is a great advertising medium and a potentially lucrative revenue earner. You should keep it up to date and fill it with content that promotes your business directly and laterally. Make the topic of your blog extremely close to your business and stick to the topic of the blog as you develop it. Search for sponsors and affiliates that have similar products to propagate your business more effectively.

6. Reinvent your business. Every single day you should ask yourself if you are selling the right products and services. Do they still meet the needs of customers? Are there better and more lucrative ways to meet their needs efficiently and profitably? Conduct research on the internet and by walking around and talking to people to find better ways to do business. Keep it fresh, keep it young, and keep it happening. These are the techniques that will take you far and they dont cost an arm and a leg.

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