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Market Yourself In Order To Market Your Business

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by: James Copper
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A terrific, sure fire way to promote your business optimally is to become an expert. For some reason the public and the media just love experts. Believe it or not even experts on obscure subjects such as termites or sports injuries become celebrities once they have been identified as experts. You should make the most of phenomenon and set yourself up as an expert in your field. The reward will be increased sales of your products and services.

There are a number of ways to go about becoming an expert in the eyes of the public. The first and most successful way is to write a book. Think about it every expert you have ever heard of has a book to his or her credit. It is the expert s biggest advertisement. Having written a book on a subject might in fact be the single greatest defining characteristic of an expert.

You might baulk at writing a book but you have two factors in your favor first, you know the subject matter because it is your specialty and, second, there is no hectic rush to finish the book. If you research and write 4 pages a day, in 50 days you will have written a 200 page book. That is about the average length for a non fiction work with a little bit extra for editing purposes. If you feel incapable of writing the book yourself you could get a ghostwriter to assist, which is a very common way to produce a book. Once your book is complete it will be your passport to media interviews.

Whether you write a book or not you should always represent yourself to the media as an expert in your field. Do not be shy about distributing press releases. They are essential to the running of radio, TV and print channels. A well written press release generates media interest, and that is what you are after.Obviously, the press release should put you in the best possible light.

The bottom line is to get on talk radio shows. Believe me, this is where you want to be. I would go so far as to say that the benefits of participating in a talk radio show could fill a book. Interviews like these shape the way the expert is perceived. There are great benefits to talk shows. Firstly, many specialty talk shows allow you to target your audience. Also, you don not have to travel anywhere. All you need is a phone a mobile will do fine. Usually you will be given ample time to convey your message. The best thing about talk shows is that you will be painted with the luster of the talk show host. That is great for credibility. The best thing about any talk show interview has got to be the ripple effect it has. After appearing on a talk show the phone will be ringing off the hook from other media.

You should not forget TV in your quest to become an expert. Although society is obsessed with the worldwide web, each American still watches over 4 hours of television a day. It is a powerful medium. Try to secure TV interviews. In the modern world it is true that you can know as much as you like but if you haven t been recognized as an expert in by the media then you are not an expert. Make the most of this trend. If you want to generate business, then become an expert with the help of a book and the media.

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