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61: Save Money With The Help Of A Business Coach
Studies and research indicate that hiring the services of a business coach is worth the time and money spent as the sessions are useful not only to the employer but to the employees as well for the delegation of their responsibilities and fulfillment of their duties.

62: How To Write A Business Plan
In writing a business plan, defining what a business plan is and what it contains is important. A business plan is a written collection of goals for the business along with the research and strategies to help achieve them.

63: The Rewards of Rewarding
You've heard it a million times. Taking care of the internal customers will help the external customers. It's true! Let your people know what you expect and praise them when they meet or exceed your expectations. You will like the results, and so will your accountants.

64: Factors To Consider Before You Hire A Business Coach
Executive coaches are not business consultants, who you would hire for addressing a particular technical or operational problem. Neither are these coaches psychotherapists, who you would hire for dealing with emotional matters.

65: Future Of Glass Must Be A Green One
Like the case of safety, insulated, and low-e glasses, government law mandates most effective use of product acceptance.

66: Leadership - Ten Ways To Be Better At Leading Teams
Building a team that works so well for you is a challenge, so here are a few ideas that will help you along the way.

67: Brainstorming Tips That are Easy and Fun
Many times, companies with incorporate principles of team-building and even competition into brainstorming sessions, but these frills really aren't necessary. Let's take a closer look at brainstorming and how you can turn this ho hum, Monday morning ritual into something your people genuinely enjoy.

68: Home Business Management
A popular trend today is for many to choose to work from their home with a home based business. While working from the home can be a great opportunity there are some unique challenges that you will have to learn to deal with.

69: Beware Of The Rubber Check
Small businesses rely heavily on maintaining a good cash flow and having their clients pay on time. If a small business takes in a single bounced check, this can be destructive to the cash flow of the business. So when half of the world's small businesses are experiencing poor cash flow as a result of bad checks, that is indeed bad news for small businesses.

70: Great Managers Attract (and Keep) Great Talent
Widespread research suggests that people do not leave organizations; they leave their managers. The implication of this finding is that managers who are respected and seen as supportive of the people who work with them are indispensable to successful organizations.

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