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21: Management Training For Life
A glimpse into the life of a man who employed management training just in the nick of time.

22: Build a Team - The Right Team (There is a Difference)
Creating the right team is imperative to your success. A team is comprised of people who can bring necessary skill sets to the venture.

23: How To Be Bullet Proof From Criticism
If someone has ever wounded you with careless, unkind or sarcastic remarks or criticism then you may find this article just want you need. By the end of this article you will be armed with useful and practical ideas to deal with harsh and unkind comments. Further, if there is someone in your life who needs to be open to feedback, please show them this article.

24: Feedback - Your People Need It
Most people need feedback and as managers we need to be able to give it. The positive and the negative. This is important for business performance and employee development. Learn how to do it.

25: 10 Essential Ways To Reduce Your Business Costs
Here are some free recources and markeitng tactics you can use to save your business operating cost

26: The Best Ways To Motivate Employees
One thing many business owners or managers assume when they start their business is that their employees will be as motivated as they are. This is simply not true.

27: You Need A Clean And Attractive Office
A busy professional life has its own setbacks and having a cluttered office is probably one of them. Remember the first time you moved into your office?

28: Organizing Your Business
Too many of todays small business owners are kept in the dark when it comes to the record keeping of their businesses.

29: Money And Time Will Never Just Be Left Over No Matter How Little You Work Or How Much You Make
A company, which does not have a goal maker who devotes just about all his time to goal setting, but does the actual work in the firm, will hardly ever reach the heights it could.

30: Why Does Work Not Get Done?
There are perhaps as many reasons why work does not get done as there are unfinished tasks laying around. Work not getting done, even in a small business, over a lifetime means millions of dollars lost.

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