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11: To Lower Your Costs the Most, Start with Growing Your Market
This article explores ways to stimulate a market to develop faster than it would otherwise do.

12: Most of Your Potential Customers Are Confused About What They Want
Marketing must focus on helping potential customers realize what their needs really are and what offerings will provide for those true needs. This article addresses how false beliefs cause potential customers to act in ways contrary to their best interest and yours. Questions are provided to eliminate this problem.

13: Ignorance Keeps Most People from Being Willing to Buy from You
Most customers wouldn't even consider buying from you. Why? Most of them can't even think of you when they consider where to buy. Ignore this ignorance, and you ignore most of your growth potential.

14: Take 38 Hours Off from Your Work Week and Still Get the Same Results
Most business people spend their time on tasks that don't need to be done, performing tasks that do need to be done in in effective ways, and by involving themselves in work that doesn't need their input. In this article, I explain how you can get your work done in very little time while still accomplishing just as much.

15: Practice Making Breakthroughs
Focus is hard to find in most companies. This article explains how a little focus on breakthroughs can create powerful improvements.

16: Maintaining Focus And Business Drive
In the beginning of your business is it at home or out, the freshness of the experience makes everyday exciting and new. You are learning and putting new skills to work. All of this is what provides drive and focus for pursuing your business goals.

17: Simplify Your Work to Make Your Work Better
Many people cannot resist adding little touches to improve an offering or a way of providing that offering. Yet if those little touches add more work, they may ultimately diminish the value for customers and users by increasing mistakes while driving those who produce the offering crazy. Keep it simple!

18: Danger: Your Beliefs Are Destroying Your Best Opportunities
Why don't more people make breakthroughs? It's because they believe that breakthroughs aren't possible. This article explains how to get past that purely mental roadblock.

19: How to Manage Your Business' Finances
Financing your business is one of the most important things you will need to do. Many new businesses fail because of poor financial management. It is critical to your business that you have a sound budget plan and keep good accounting records.

20: Combine the Best of Today in New Ways to Outperform Competitors' Bests Tomorrow
Chances are that your organization does not yet know how to find and select the improved practice elements that, when combined for the first time, will drive you well ahead of the competition. This article gives you shortcuts to identify future best practices.

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