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Keeping Your Office Supplies In Check

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Sometimes keeping track of the little things can mean a good deal and this works true for your office supplies. You might find yourself and your office in a muddle and clutter of papers, clips or envelopes when you get slipshod on these little office knick knacks. Or perhaps your negligence in monitoring your supplies could cause you to lose a potential loyal customer if you realize you are out of fax paper when you are in a middle of receiving a very important sales order. The little things do matter and here are a few tips and reminders to keep your office supplies in check.

First step is to make a list of the office supplies that you need. You may want to categorize them into the basic supplies and the other add-ons that you need during specific seasons or semesters. At the very start, your office supplies you have on hand should be the same as the number of items of supplies that you have on your master list. Make sure to note the date of purchase. Do regular inventory checks. Examination of how many items you have left on your list will tell you whether you are short on a particular supply or not. This practice will give you enough time to replenish your supplies before they actually run out. Through regular monitoring you will also be able to establish reorder points in ordering your supplies thus saving you time and possibly stress in rushing purchase requisitions for additional materials.

You may want to evaluate your office supplies costs every now and then, go for monthly or quarterly intervals. Costs of supplies can fluctuate significantly during the year. Meticulous observation on the price changes and patterns could get you the best prices for your money's worth. Sticking with one vendor may earn you loyalty points and discounts but then again you may also want to consider new suppliers who are offering new and exciting deals that could get you more savings on office supply expenditures.

Most offices keep their supplies in the supply closet which is reasonable enough as you do not want to have boxes of papers and ink cartridges just lying around in the office corner somewhere. Leaving stacks of folders, piles of stationery, packs of computer disks and boxes of markers all over your office can not only exhibit an unpleasant mess but it could deprive you of office space that you could have used for another focal point and it could distract you and your staff from focusing on your work. The working environment has proved to be a great factor in influencing work efficiency and effectiveness.

It is but common sense that you keep a small stash of supplies within your reach. It would be quite foolish for you to go back and forth from the supply closet to get a pen or to get a piece of paper. Your cache should include the essential basic office supplies like a pen, a stapler, a bunch of paper clips, scissors, stationery and a calculator to name a few. This jumble should be well organized and kept in a small organizer or perhaps in your desk drawer for easy access.

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