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Management Articles

1: Minimum Wage & Overtime: Who's Covered
The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) establishes standards for minimum wages, overtime pay, record keeping, and child labor. These standards affect over 100 million workers, both full-time and pa

2: UK Tax Compliance
Tax in the UK comes as part and parcel of everyone’s everyday life these days. The most common form of tax which must be paid by every working person, including self employed people who are earning o

3: How To Increase Your Company's Profitability Through Proper Time Management
Managing time and money is a necessity for any executive. They often have no viable way to track project overruns before it's too late.

4: Ways To Guarantee A Failing Business
No one has ever started a home business with the intention of failing, yet there are five things they can do to make sure their business has little or no chance of succeeding.

5: Home Business Health Insurance
Many want to start their own home business but are afraid to because of their healthcare situation. Health insurance companies do pick on individual plans, and the rates are usually far more expensive

6: How To Relax Under Pressure
People find it difficult to relax under pressure. Here are some tips on what to do.

7: Seven Ways To Stupidly Lose Profits By Trusting Others
Other organizations will act in their own best interests . . . you can count on that irresistible force playing its role in your business.

8: Ways To Operate A Business
Too many business planners end up spending time and money creating a plan that offers a detail for every little piece of their business. This is great for getting started to make sure nothing is left to chance in getting the business off the ground.

9: Customize to Simplify, Reduce Costs, and Be More Effective: Turn Ruby Slippers into Traveling Shoes
Most people think of custom offerings as being more expensive to make and deliver. Today, the opposite is usually true. As a result, you can be more satisfying to customers while also reducing costs.

10: Keeping Your Office Supplies In Check
Sometimes keeping track of the little things can mean a good deal and this works true for your office supplies. The little things do matter and here are a few tips and reminders to keep your office supplies in check.

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